What can Spanish Language Travels (SLT) offer you and who are behind the company?


It is not easy to choose between the many options we offer you in Spanish courses in Latin America. SLT has years of experience with schools and has been to all of the schools. We know the places where you want to go. Because of our knowledge and experience we can give excellent advice. Let us know what you are looking for and we can recommend various schools that will meet all of your expectations. You will receive a reply to your questions from someone who has been there!

On the road with SLT, here in Costa Rica

Reliability of Spanish Language Travels (SLT)

Unsure about making reservations via the Internet? We have a solution:
Use our payment service. We know there are suppliers over the Internet who try to scam people. We therefore understand you might be hesitant to buy via the Internet. SLT has found a solution: we pay the school first; the school sends us a confirmation that they have been paid and we forward you this confirmation. You can contact the school directly and ask if the payment for your services has indeed been made. Only then you pay us. We do ask you to pay us within two weeks after receiving the payment confirmation from the school. To keep our investments within reasonable limits. Just let us know at the time you make the reservation if you want to use this service which only Spanish Language Travels offers.


I, Nanouk Brouwer, am the owner of SLT. In 1993, after a journey from Guatemala to Chile, I founded a company that specializes in language travels to Latin America. It was called NB Reizen and was located in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. After 11 years I have changed NB Reizen to an Internet company with the name Spanish Language Travels. This way I was able to keep the overhead low and therefore offer a cheaper product. While travelling with my laptop in hand, I visit Spanish schools and projects in Latin America. That is what you call combining your hobby with your work and the continent still intrigues me.

25 years and still not bored!

So I have a lot of experience selling Spanish courses, accommodation and transfers of the best and nicest schools in Latin America. It will be my pleasure to arrange free volunteer work for you as well. You can count on the fact that I know the schools, the countries and the different cultures so I can inform you well. I know the differences between the schools so I can help make the right choice for you. Just ask me! Thousands of students have done these trips.


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Do you have a question? Send us an email or use the contact form.
First take a look at our FAQs, you might find the answer to your question there. The FAQ page is a good place to start anyway if you want to learn more about studying Spanish in Latin America. Do you want to Skype? This is also possible, the Skype address is spanish.language.travels. We would appreciate it if you can send us an e-mail ahead of time if you want to make an appointment to Skype.

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