Volunteer in Panama at Casa Esperanza in BoqueteCasa EsperanzaMeals at Casa EsperanzaFree volunteer work in Panama: here the mostly Indian kids get their daily meal






These photos are of the program Casa Esperanza   volunteer in Panama in Boquete

Volunteer in Panama at a turtle program

Location Isla Colon (same island as Bocas del Toro)
Description Help protect the eggs of the sea turtles from poachers.
Description Patrol the beaches where the sea turtles lay their eggs. Then you measure the turtles and tag them. Move the eggs that are laid in an unsafe place or take them with you to hatch. Help the little turtles that are returning to the sea to find their way as fast as possible.
For whom? For everybody. But it is not possible to combine this work with your Spanish course because the work is during the night. So you can work here before or after your course.
Commitment 3 days (nights) from 10 pm until 5 or 6 am. Cost $20 per day, for which you will receive simple accommodation and three meals a day. You will be picked up in town and they will drive you to the program. There is a onetime fee of $16 for entering the national park. Note: this program only runs from the beginning of march until the end of June!
Spanish level Beginner and up.
Internetsite turtleprogram


Volunteer in Panama at an children’s day care center


Location Bocas del Toro
Description Help at a day care center for children with working mothers.
Description Play, change diapers, help with the feeding etc.
Dress code Proper clothing is required (no shorts, tank tops, flip flops).
Commitment Minimum one week. In the morning from 8 am until 12:30 pm.You would have to do your Spanish course in the afternoon.
Spanish level Beginner level is ok.
Not available The program does not run from mid December until mid February. And from the beginning of July until mid July.


Volunteer in Panama at a retirement home


Location Bocas del Toro
Description Care of the elderly that cannot live independently anymore.
Description Help with taking care of the elderly residents. You will walk with them, read to them, chat, play games, help out at meal times.
Commitment At least one week.
Spanish level Intermediate (be able to hold a simple conversation)
Dress code ‘neatly’
When Year round


Volunteer in Panama at Casa Esperanza


Location Boquete
Description After school care of children from the poor Indigenous community that did not go to school before. Most of the children are from the Ngobe-Bugle tribes; these people usually work on the coffee plantations.
Description Educate the children about health, nutrition, hygiene.  Help the children with their homework, take them to a doctor if necessary, play, do sports, stimulate them. The children are divided into four groups of about 50 children. Per group there is only one Panamanian paid employee to do useful and fun things with the children…  Help is desperately needed here!
Dress code ‘neatly’
Commitment 1 month minimum
Spanish level Intermediate (be able to hold a simple conversation)
Not available No restrictions

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