Volunteer in Nicaragua

Volunteer in Nicaragua: The street children of León

If you want to volunteer in Nicaragua there are two great programs that support street kids in Leon. The programs are called Las Tias and Los Bariletes.

Las Tias:

The five local ‘aunts’ (tias) make sure that about 80 children that live on the street, between ages 5 and 11, can go to school. They get a good meal in the afternoon and are kept busy in a fun and meaningful way. ‘Aunts’ and volunteers help with homework, play games or sports. Las Tias has a second department in another building. High school children learn a trade (for example to become a tailor or a carpenter). They also teach English and computer skills. The minimum time commitment for this program is 1 month.

Los Bariletes

is a similar project in León, as you can tell there are a lot of street children in the big cities of Nicaragua!

Do you want to volunteer? In that case choose to volunteer in Nicaragua, here they have the greatest need and of course the work is free in our free volunteer  in Nicaragua program. Money for the program comes from Quetzaltrekkers in León, a non-profit tour operator for hikes and other tours. You can also volunteer at Quetzaltrekkers by for example leading tours to the volcano. The minimum time commitment for this project is three months. The money they make with the tours will go to Las Tias, among others. If you want to help provide these children that live on the street a better future you are more than welcome here. Even if you only book your Spanish course pay a visit to Quetzaltrekkers!

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