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Do you want to volunteer in Guatemala? Next a small selection of the many possibilities in and around Antigua:

Volunteer in Guatemala: Tess Unlimited

Location: San Gaspar Vivar 10 minutes by bus from Antigua ($ 0.40 each way)
Description Volunteer in Guatemala: There are about 40 to 50 children in this educational center who come in addition to their regular school to study. They receive English lessons, computer classes, cooking classes and they receive help with their homework. As a volunteer, you are supporting the Guatemalan teachers, but there are also lessons that are run by the volunteers. Such as craft classes, sports classes and there is always place for suggestions, there have been volunteers who have done carpentry / dance / judo clinics.


Minimum age: 18 years. Enthusiastic about working with children and a high degree of independence.
Commitment: 1 month
Spanish: Intermediate
Hours: From 2 pm to 5 pm.
There are a few Guatemalan employees you support. The volunteers who stay long term will eventually also give their own classes.
At a host family in Antigua or San Gaspar Vivar, including meals except Sundays.
Info: You can get more information and see photos on the website tess unilimited
Cleft lip correction: There is also a cleft lip program where on a regular basis speech therapists are needed, ask us if you are interested. Specify when you could go so we can check whether at that time there are children who you can work with as a speech pathologist. Just look at the cleft lip correction project.

Volunteer in Guatemala: Los Niños

Location: Alotenango 20 min. by from Antigua by bus ($ 0.40 each way)
Description This program was set up by a Guatemalan who previously taught at the elementary school. he soon realized that many children were not able to go to school because of the high costs. After struggling for one year he received help from two Dutch women, who with the help of donations and a lot of their time and effort set up the school rapidly. It is a school for children from 3 to 12 years old that previously were not able to go to school because the parents could not afford the tuition fee. 200 children go to this school every day and get classes for half a day. The first thing in the morning when they arrive at the school all the children brush their teeth. Regularly there is a visit by a doctor or a dentist. After a training period leading a class or assisting another volunteer. Educational games (there is material available), math, reading, writing, drawing, sports, English etc
Requirements: Minimum age: 20 years. Enthusiastic about working with children and a high degree of independence.
Commitment: 2 months
Spanish: Intermediate
8.30am – 12.30pm or 1pm – 5pm or if you wish both in the morning and the afternoon.
There are two paid (Guatemalan) workers and the rest are volunteers; at the time I was at the project there were 6 volunteers.
At a host family in Antigua, including meals except Sundays.
Info: You can get more information and see photos on the website of the foundation ‘Los Ninos’

Volunteer in Guatemala: Centro Medico

Location: At the edge of Antigua, 10 minutes walking distance from the plaza.
Description Volunteer in Guatemala at a public hospital which provides free medical care. Around Antigua there are 5 branches where you can also receive medial care. Unfortunately because of the lack of funds these branch offices are only manned by one nurse with at the most one year training…At these centers any type of (para) medical help is very welcome (even if you are at the beginning of your medical training). Because the need is high any type of help is appreciated. In case you want to work in construction they will look for a couple of houses of the most needy. There you can help by doing various chores (like fixing leaking roofs, collapsing walls). If you have experience organizing things you can help set up projects. If you have a degree in social studies (or if you are still studying) you can help as a social worker. There is also a program for teenagers with alcohol-, drugs and aids problems. Here for example students of psychology or social work can do good work.


None, all help is welcome but they do expect that when you arrive you make a commitment for a certain amount of time and comply, because they will make an effort to find the right job specifically for you. The school mediates and will be held accountable for your presence at the program! If you choose this program they ask you to make a resume (yes, in Spanish) and a short letter where you describe your (work) experience, interests and skills. We would be happy to help you with this.
Commitment: 3 weeks
Spanish: Intermediate, being able to hold up a simple conversation
Hours: Part time or full time.
Capacity: Very large, all volunteers are welcome and they try to find useful tasks for everybody.
Accommodation: At a host family in Antigua incl. meals except on Sundays. If you work in Antigua: walking distance to the program (max. 15 minutes), if you work at the outskirts of Antigua: walking distance or a bus ride of max. 15 minutes.

Volunteer in Guatemala: Tutoring /helping disadvantaged children with their homework

Location: Antigua
Description Children from deprived urban areas in a suburb of Antigua, El Hato come to a elementary school in Antigua. They receive tutoring in the afternoons. The work is a few hours each afternoon helping them with their homework.
Commitment: Minimum 2 weeks.
Spanish: Intermediate.

Volunteer in Guatemala: Camino Seguro / Safe Passage

Location: Just outside of Antigua (San Pedro, by bus 15 minutes) or in Guatemala City (travel time one and a half hours) with a bus especially for the program that takes the volunteers to the program and back to Antigua. Accommodation always in Antigua.
Description This program started 7 years ago. Children and their families that live on a landfill in Guatemala city get a better future through education and other help. Help take care of the youngest children that do not go to school yet. Help for the children that go to school with homework, playing games, sports etc.
Requirements: Motivation and $50 donation
Commitment: Minimum one month but preferably longer.
Hours: Full time.
Capacity: About 50.
Accommodation: In Antigua, host family or hostel.
Website: A lot of info on http://www.safepassage.org

Volunteer in Guatemala: Charity hospital ‘Hermano Pedro

Location: Centre of Antigua
Description free volunteer work in Guatemala: Public hospital for the care and treatment of  physically and mentally handicapped children whose families are too poor to afford a regular hospital or nursing home. Treat, care for and engage the patients, help with bathing and dressing the patients, walk with them, help with simple cleaning jobs.
Requirements: Not many. All help is welcome. But people with a medical background (for example physiotherapy and occupational therapy) or people who are currently studying in these fields will be able to do more work with and for the patients.
Commitment: 1 week.
Spanish: Intermediate.
Hours: half days or full days in consultation.
Capacity: 3 volunteers.
Accommodation: At a host family including meals except Sunday.
Website: Obras Hermanos Pedros

Volunteer in Guatemala: Aware

Place: Between San Lucas Sacatepéquez and Sumpango (about half hour with the bus and then a 15 minute walk. Bus fair to go and come back around $2).
Description Shelter, treatment, vaccination, sterilization and care of at the moment of writing about 300 street dogs and 80 cats. On Sunday the program is open for visitors and people can get a tour of the place. Type of work. Dogs: feed and give water, clean the cages, social and behavioral training, brush, sometimes wash the dogs, clean the droppings, and clean the surroundings. Note: a paid worker walks the dogs, the volunteers only on his day off. Cats: feed and give water, shake down or wash their blankets, clean the litter boxes, socializing the cats. On Sunday you can show the visitors around and present the animals for adoption. Sometimes there is construction work like for example build the cages, plumbing, electrical work, vegetable cultivation or help visit the schools to educate the children about the lives of the street dogs and cats. If you want to volunteer in Guatemala while helping animals this is an excellent program.
Requirements: Affection for and experience with dogs and cats, veterinarian students are very welcome!
Maximum: 2 weeks
Spanish: You can work here with very basic Spanish
Website/movie: Look at the movie at the website of Animal Aware
Capacity: 5 volunteers
Program: At the program they offer a single room with use of kitchen for $5  per night or you can stay in Antigua at a host family. Vaccination: recent tetanus vaccination.

Volunteer in Guatemala: Caras Alegres

Quetzaltenango. The program is about 15 minutes out of the centre (transportation costs $0.20 each way).
You can fin a lot of information on the website of Caras Alegres or for more information or questions you can email info@carasalegres.org.

San Pedro

The school in San Pedro has set up it’s own volunteer work project. Primary and secondary school children come to the program after school and the volunteers help them with homework. You can also teach English or give computer classes. And there is time for fun games and sports with the kids. This is a really nice volunteer program which can be easily combined with Spanish classes. When you just speak some Spanish, you can start working. It’s possible to work here for a couple of hours each afternoon and have classes in the morning. Minimum participation time is 2 weeks but preferably longer.

Na-schoolse opvangVW San Pedro 2Computers voor schoolkinderen gefinancieerd door Spaanse school in San PedroSan pedro cumputer-kamer schoolkinderen

Diffrent countries to volunteer

We do not only offer programs to volunteer in Guatemala but also in many other countries. As long as you learn spanish at a school we can arrange your volunteerwork most of the time for free.  Go back to the  homepage to see how the site is divided into Spanish courses, volunteer work and tours with or without Spanish.