The school in Buenos Aires has established contacts with many volunteer programs. The programs can be in different areas like social, educational, ecological, cultural and medical.

We can’t offer you the volunteer work in Buenos Aires for free. The school requests $550 to arrange the work. The programs the school offers are of high quality. Below we will give you an overall idea of the types of programs that are available. Do you want to do volunteer work in Argentina please ask us for more information.

The school manages the following package

The package contains 4 weeks Spanish course in a group, 4 hours a day. Followed by 4 to 8 weeks of accommodation in a shared room in the student flat. In addition you will work for 4 to 8 weeks in the volunteer program of your choice. The different areas you can work in are:


  • Social programs: this can be in an orphanage, a sports club, a center for the rehabilitation of adolescents, social work..
  • Education programs: in schools or the after school care of children.
  • Medical programs: work with the elderly (not in hospitals).
  • Cultural programs: art or media, photography or theater
  • Ecological programs: give information or workshops to children and adults. Subjects are climate change and environment.

It is impossible to give you a complete description on all the volunteer programs. Tell us where your interests lie and we will send you extensive information on the programs of choice.