In the Travelling Classroom Ecuador you’ll have Spanish classes, accommodation, transport and lots of activities and excursions. The four places where you will take your Spanish course are:

  • Quito
  • Cuenca or the amazon jungle (you choose)
  • Manta
  • Montañita

When? You can start the Travelling classroom Ecuador any Sunday of the year (you don’t have to start in Quito, and you don’t have to do all 4 weeks). Below  you will find  the start date for each location.

Spanish classes

You will have 20 hours of group classes at all locations except for the jungle location, at the jungle location you will receive 15 hours of group classes. Groups of max 6 students, more likely groups of 3 or 4 students.


You will stay with in a guest family in Quito, Cuenca and Manta, with two meals per day. Included are breakfast and dinner. In the jungle you’ll sleep in a shared room in a beautiful jungle lodge (all meals included). In Montañita a shared cabaña is your accommodation. No meals included here but you will have a large kitchen at your disposal and cook with your fellow students. At an additional cost you can request a private room in the jungle and Montañita. At the host families you always have a private room.

Mitad del Mundo, het midden van het aardoppervlak met 0 graden noorderbreedte en 0 graden westerlengte
Mitad del mundo

Price for 4 weeks $2250 (Cuenca) / $2450 (Jungle)

The great advantage of this tour that there is no minimum number of participants, so it will never be cancelled.


Ecuador Travelling Classroom: Quito week

This week in Quito you will receive 20 hours of Spanish classes and you will stay at a host family with two meals a day. You will have the following transfers and activities:

Tuesday afternoon: Discover the secrets of Quito’s old town. City tour in the old colonial part of Quito.

Wednesday afternoon: Ecuadorian cooking class and afterwards visit to Mitad del Mundo.

Thursday afternoon and night: Quito’s cable car (this activity could be rescheduled in case of bad weather). Afterwards Salsa Lessons.

Friday: free afternoon.

Saturday: Full day excursion. Visit National Park Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the world! You’ll walk up and you’ll race downhill on a mountain bike. An Adrenaline injection guaranteed! Lunch packet is included. You will need different types of clothing on this day.

Sunday: Early morning start. On the road to either Cuenca or the jungle.

Spanish classes in Ecuador, city walk

In the next week of the Travelling Classroom Ecuador: your choice to go either to Cuenca or the amazon jungle.

Travelling Classroom Ecuador: Cuenca week

This week in Cuenca you will receive 20 hours of Spanish classes and you will stay at a host family with two meals a day. You will have the following transfers and activities:

Sunday: transfer from the bus station to your host family

Monday afternoon: City tour. Cuenca is located in the south of Ecuador in the Andes at an altitude of 2500 meter. The city was founded in the 16th century by the Spanish. It has two cathedrals, the first one was inaugurated in 1557 and the other one in 1880. A monastery and archaeological digs from the Inca period make this place special.

Tuesday afternoon: Cooking class traditional recipe.

Wednesday afternoon: Visit to the Central Bank Museum: Ruins of Pumping and the Inca Garden

Thursday afternoon: Salsa class

Friday: Visit the site Ingapirca.

Saturday: Free day with optional activity (not included in the program).

Sunday: Transport to Manta


Or choose one week of Spanish classes in the JUNGLE:

Travelling Classroom Ecuador: Jungle week

This week in the jungle you will have 15 hours of Spanish tuition and you will stay in a shared room in the jungle lodge (you can pay extra for a private room). Also you will have all meals included! And the following transfers and amazing activities:

Sunday: Arrival late afternoon in the jungle lodge. In the afternoon artisanal chocolate demonstration.

Monday afternoon: Canoe tour.

Tuesday afternoon: Indigenous family visit, blowgun and chicha.

Wednesday afternoon: Hike primary forest.

Thursday afternoon: Tubing down the river.

Friday afternoon: visit the animal rescue center.

Saturday: Free day, optional activities are possible at own cost.

Sunday: To Manta: By bus to Quito and from there by plane to Manta.

Travelling Classroom Ecuador: Manta week

This week in Manta you will get 20 hours of group Spanish classes and you will stay with a host family with two meals a day. Included are the following transfers and activities

Sunday: Transfer from the bus station (coming from Cuenca) or airport (coming from jungle) to your guest family.

Monday afternoon: Cooking class.

Tuesday afternoon: Paragliding in Crucita and visit to “Tagua” handicraft shops (ivory nut).

Wednesday afternoon: free, on this day optional activities are offered.

Thursday afternoon: To Monte Cristi where the well known Panama hats are made.

Friday afternoon: Salsa Class

Day trip to Isla de la Plata.
These islands are also known as ‘poor man’s’ Galapagos. You will see a lot of special animals like Blue footed boobies and nests with albatrosses. With a bit of luck you will see whales on their way to the Galapagos islands. Sunday: To Montañita.

Short impression of 3rd week Travelling Classroom in Manta.

Travelling Classroom Ecuador: Montañita week

This week in Montanita you will receive 20 hours of group classes and you will stay in a shared room in a bungalow.

Sunday morning: Transport from the bus station to your cabaña (shared cabaña).

Monday through Thursday:  4 afternoons (not on Friday) surf classes for one hour. If you’ve had enough of the waves then you can also take a dip in the swimming pool of the school. Besides this there are additional cultural activities:

Wednesday afternoon: Ecuadorian cooking class

Thursday afternoon: Salsa dance class

Day trip to other beaches close by to surf, relax, swim and work on your tan.

Sunday: End of program. Or transport to Quito when you have started your Travelling Classroom in another place than Quito.

surf classes at th ebeach of Montañita

Inclusive in the Travelling Classroom Ecuador of 4 weeks:

  • 75 hours of Spanish classes in a group of max. 6 students. Most of the time there are 3 or 4 students of the same level in one group.
  • Accommodation: in Quito, Cuenca (when you choose  this town) and Manta you will stay with a host family where you get 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner). When you book alone you`ll get a single room. In the jungle week a shared room in a jungle lodge with all meals is included. In Montañita you will stay in a shared cabaña; (private cabañas are available for a surcharge of $65 per week). Here there are no meals included but you either cook with other students or will go out for dinner in one of the cheap restaurants in the village.
  • All mentioned activities and excursions.
  • All transportation between the places. Including the flight from Quito to Manta if you choose the jungle option. All other transportation is by bus.
  • Wi-Fi Internet connection at all schools, also in the jungle!
  • Class material at your level.
  • Test on Sunday to determine your level of Spanish if you are no longer a beginner.
  • Internet and library use except in the jungle.
  • Coffee or tea in the breaks.
  • Certificate of class assistance.
  • Extensive travel information before leaving on your trip and assistance on the spot.

Not included in the Travelling Classroom Ecuador:

  • Flight to Quito. The airportcode for Quito is UIO. The most important airlines that fly to Quito are:
    Avianca, Aeromexico, American Airlines, Copa, Iberia, KLM, United, Delta. The airport code for Guayaquil is GYE. The most important airlines which fly to Guayaquil are: Avianca, Copa, Iberia, KLM, LAN Airlines, Delta, TAME.
  • A smaller part of your meals.
  • Transport from the airport to your first place of the TC.
  • In Quito an airport transfer costs $40 and we can arrange it for you.
  • Personal expenses.
  • $35 reservation fee.

Advise: Try to choose a starting date when the TC starts in Quito. This avoids traveling to another place to join the group just after arriving in Quito. Just the easiest way!

Travelling Classroom dates from November 2021 and 2022

  Quito Cuenca/Jungle Manta Montañita
November 2021 28th      
December 2021   5th 12th 19th
DecemberJanuary 26th 2nd 9th 16th
January February 23th 30th 6th 13th
February March 20th 27th 6th 13th
March/April 20th 27th 3rd 10th
April/May 17th 24th 1st 8th
May/June 15th 22nd 29th 5th
June/July 12th 19th 26th 3rd
July 10th 17th 24th 31th
August 7th  14th 21st 28th
September 4th 11th 18th 25th

Important! On the following national holidays the schools will be closed. Missed classes will not be rescheduled or reimbursed:
1st of January, 19th of April, 1st of May, 24th of May, 11th of octover, 6th of December, 25th of December, 30th and 31st of December.

Travelling Classroom Ecuador

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