Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala

Red eye tree frog in Costa Rica, explore nature during your sabbatical

The perfect sabbatical!

Do you want to learn Spanish well? Do you have a sabbatical year and do you want to travel, experience and see a lot? Combine Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala,
8 weeks of Spanish classes (in a small group and private), accommodation, a flight from San José to Guatemala City and in Guatemala all your meals for one month except on Sundays.

You can expand this package doing volunteer work in Guatemala. If you want you can divide your period of volunteer work between different programs. Do you want to be on the road for 24 weeks? The above mentioned 8 week Spanish course can be extended with 16 weeks of volunteer work and guest family stay with meals in Guatemala..

Central America Trip

We have made a combination tour Central America of:

8 weeks of Spanish:

  • 2 x 2 weeks of Spanish classes and accommodation in Panama and/or Costar Rica (choose between Bocas del Toro, Boquete, Puerto Viejo , Turrialba.)
  • 4 weeks of Spanish classes and accommodation in Guatemala (choose between Antigua, San Pedro, Quetzaltenango, monterrico)

Between 4 and 16 weeks of volunteering

The volunteer work is in Guatemala and starts after your 8 week of classes. You can do the volunteer work in all locations in Guatemala, we we have the most programs in Antigua however the cheapest place to stay is Quetzaltenango.

Sabbatical year? Learn Spanish and travel in Guatemala. Masks on a market

About the Spanish courses

The first 4 weeks in Panama and /or Costa Rica, you will have classes in a small group, the last 4 weeks in Guatemala you’ll have private classes. During the private Spanish classes you will focus on your verbal skills and your specific problems with the language.

Your teacher will entice you to speak and prepare you for the volunteer work you are going to do after your classes. Your Spanish will improve a lot the last 4 weeks, the perfect conclusion to your Spanish classes.


We have added the standard accommodation which in Panama and Costa Rica is a shared room in the school residence. After 4 weeks of classes in Panama / Costa Rica you will fly to Guatemala. There you’ll have 4 weeks of classes in the school(s) of your choice and you will sleep at a guest family where you will get 3 meals per day except on Sundays. This way you will practice your Spanish a lot.


There is always transport from the airport to your first accommodation. Transportation between places is not included however we will give you clear information on how to travel between the places by bus or upon request we can arrange it for you and add it to your package whenever possible. We will also book the flight between Costar Rica and Guatemala for you.

Volunteer work in Guatemala

Most of the volunteer work in Guatemala will involve work in with children, but we can also arrange work with animals (street dogs), on eco farms or working in hospitals or nursing homes. Have a look at our volunteer page.

For more information about the from the schools on the Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala page.

The price for this trip with 8 weeks of Spanish classes, accommodation and transfers and flight is $2595 (based on 4 weeks at any of our schools in Panama and Costa Rica and 4 weeks in Antigua).

The Sabbatical Central America Tour of 8 weeks consists of:

  • Two x 2 weeks of Spanish lessons in a group of maximum 6 students (usually 3 or 4 students), 4 lessons per day in 2 of the schools in Panama and Costa Rica. Free choice of schools.
  • 4 weeks accommodation in the school in a shared room in Panama and / or Costa Rica.
  • Flight from San José to Guatemala City.
  • 4 weeks of private Spanish lessons in Antigua, Guatemala.
  • 4 weeks accommodation with a host family based on a single room and 3 meals a day. Except on Sundays.
  • Transfer from Guatemala City airport to the accommodation in Antigua.


  • 12 weeks package: same as the package mentioned above + 4 weeks volunteer work in Antigua Guatemala incl. meals $3035.
  • 16 weeks package: same as the package mentioned above + 8 weeks volunteer work in Antigua Guatemala incl. meals $3475.
  • 20 weeks package: same as the package mentioned above + 12 weeks volunteer work in Antigua Guatemala incl. meals $3915.
  • 24 weeks package: same as the package mentioned above + 16 weeks volunteer work in Antigua Guatemala incl. meals $4355.

*These prices can turn out lower if you volunteer in Quetzaltenango, since accommodation is cheaper.

There is a lot of volunteer work in Guatemala. Take a look at the volunteer work page of Guatemala, if you can’t find the type of work you are looking for just ask us. We like to help and all the schools we work with like to help you too in finding the best program for you!

Not inclusive in the sabbatical package:

  • Flight to Panama City. The airport code is PTY. Most popular airlines that fly on Panama City are: American Airlines, KLM, Delta.
  • Transport between the places in Panama and Costa Rica. You’ll receive extensive information how to travel from one school to the other.
  • Taxi from the bus station in San José to the airport ($30) for your flight to Guatemala.
  • Meals during your first 4 weeks of classes, you will spend somewhere around $325 (cooking yourself with fellow students and having diner a few times per week)
  • Meals on Sundays in Guatemala, around $12 per Sunday (per Sunday: 2 x a good meal in a restaurant and some snacks. You could get by with $6 if you are on a budget).
  • Personal expenses during your trip, think of bottled water in Guatemala.
  • International flight to Panama City or San José and from Guatemala City back home.
Boats on Lago de Atitlan, visit a few villages around the lake

Why this itinerary?

We have made this trip for a sabbatical year starting in Panama or Costa Rica and ending in Guatemala. This way you have a good set up culture wise. You start with the most beautiful countries nature wise and end with the culturally richest country in Latin America: Guatemala. After 4 weeks of classes in Panama and / or Costa Rica you will start to speak Spanish. That means that the advantage of living with a local family being able to practice your Spanish starts kicking in. Your Spanish will improve rapidly and you get to know the culture. Besides, there is not much English spoken in Guatemala. After 8 weeks of classes you will cope quite well and enjoy your conversations with local people. You`ll have the perfect base to start working as a volunteer!

This trip is just an example!

You can combine all programs of classes and volunteer work we offer on the site in one trip. For your sabbatical or when you just want to travel over a longer period of time. Just ask us!

We can mix and match all the countries and schools and volunteer works we offer so just give us an idea what you would like and we can suggest some interesting itineraries to people with a sabbatical year or who just have a lot of time.

Immigration Panama. Take a look at our country page about Panama for immigration information. Before you decide to learn Spanish in Panama it is important to find out about how the immigration rules.


Learn Spanish in the Central America Tour. Book your trip.

We do not only offer classes to learn Spanish in Spanish & Adventure trips but in many other countries in Central- and South America. Go back to the Homepage to see the different possibilities of learning Spanish in Central- and South America or combining your Spanish course with free volunteer work.