Ecuador: A small but diverse country

Ecuador: A small but diverse country

Quito Ecuador

Ecuador is a very interesting Latin American country. Perhaps a bit less known as her bigger brothers Peru and Argentina but this small country has much to offer and is a lot cheaper than other countries on the continent. It has Amazon jungle, Andean highlands with volcanoes, colorful Indian markets and stunning beaches. Perfect locations for the active, nature loving traveler.

Quito Ecuador a very interesting Capital city

Quito is a very interesting capital city with a new and old part. I can spend hours walking in the old center of Quito with all her churches, cathedrals and museums. There are not many interesting capital cities in Latin America but Quito Ecuador is definitely one of them. According to many people other interesting Latin American capitals are: Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

So the advantage of Ecuador is that you don`t need to travel for days to experience total different climates, nature or cultural zones.

Travel and learn Spanish in Ecuador

There are many programs of schools where you travel and learn Spanish at the same time, they are called Travelling Classrooms. There are as many as three travelling classrooms to choose from in Ecuador: