Price list

The Central America Tour is an example of how you can mix and match different places in different countries to learn Spanish and at the same time get to know the countries.

The Spanish & Adventure Package in Peru we included a visit to the Machu Picchu at low costs to the package of Spanish classes.

Click on the link of the tour in the country of your choice to go to the complete itinerary of the tour.

Country Type Duration in weeks Price
Peru Spanish and Adventure 5 $1300
Peru with volunteering Spanish and Adventure 7 $1395
Guatemala Spanish and Adventure 4 $1355
Guatemala and Honduras Spanish and Adventure 4 $1830
Costa Rica Spanish and Adventure 4 $1595
Panama Spanish and Adventure 4 $1595
Ecuador Spanish and Adventure 4 $1595
Costa Rica, Panama & Guatemala Central America Tour 8 $2595

The prices do not include a $35 reservation fee.

* = To be expanded with volunteer work in Guatemala if you like. The work is free of costs but you’ll pay for your accommodation $135 per week with 3 meals per day included (except on Sundays).