Price list Travelling Classroom Tours

These Travelling Classrooms (TC’s) can be booked on its own or added to a package with classes in one place. When you book a TC of four weeks it’s nice to stay a bit longer in the last place of the TC. After all the Travelling Classroom tours are very full programs with classes and activities almost every day, after them you definitely need to relax a bit. Just ask us for the possibilities!

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Country Name of the tour Weeks Price
Ecuador Travelling Classroom 4 places, choose Cuenca or Jungle* 4 weeks $2250 / $2450*
Panama/Costa Rica Travelling Classroom Panama and Costa Rica 4 weeks $2495

The prices do not include a $35 reservation fee.

* = You will have to choose in this Travelling Classrooms if you want to go to Cuenca or have a week of classes in the jungle. The package of 4 weeks including Cuenca costs $2250. The package with 4 weeks of classes including a week of classes in the Amazon jungle costs $2395.

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