The school

Learn Spanish in Peru and go for Cusco. We work with a very good midsize Spanish school in Cusco which offers both private and group courses. The school building is located close to the central square, the Plaza de Armas. On the first day of your Spanish course you will get a test to determine your level of Spanish and you will be placed in the appropriate group of maximum 4 students. If no group is available with the same level of Spanish as yours, then you will receive private classes of two hours a day. You are not just a number at this school. The owner is available at certain hours each day to answer questions from students. This way he also has an insight in your progress as a student and if needed consult with your teacher. A lot of personal attention!

The school also offers a free exchange program. You can practice your Spanish with a citizen of Cusco who is taking an English course, a great way to meet local people and practice your Spanish at the same time. The school also pays a lot of attention to conversation skills. It is always reasonably easy to understand your teacher but to understand the local people each with their own pronunciation and dialect is quite different. That is why on a regular basis the classes take place on the street or in a store to practice day to day conversation skills. There is free WiFi at the school.

Learn Spanish in Peru
Activities in Cusco
Going out to dinner

Accommodation options

During your Spanish course we can include various types of accommodation. You can choose to stay in the school residence, with a host family or in a hotel.

Student residence

Apartment Cusco

In our standard package we have included a single room in an apartment for students located about 5 minute walking distance from the school. You can make your own meals or cook together with your fellow students, you also share the bathroom and the living room with them.

Host family

If you stay at a host family you will get 3 meals a day. The families are all local middle class. Don’t expect any luxury but you will have your own room and by interacting with the family you will get to know the local culture while practicing your learn Spanish in Peru at the same time. Usually the host families are located a bit further from the Spanish school, maximum 25 minutes walking distance. With a local bus or taxi you can get to the school in 5 minutes. For a host family there is a surcharge of $40 per week, but this option does include meals.


You can also opt to stay in a simple but nice hostel or a hotel. The costs vary so let us know which type and class of hotel you prefer and we can explore the different possibilities for you.


Every Thursday the school organizes a free activity for the students. Alternatively that will be a Peruvian cooking class, Trivia (yes in Spanish) or a presentation and tasting of local fruits. These are fruits that you really have never seen before. The school is also working on organizing salsa classes. Are you interested? Mail us, and we will ask them for an update on this activity.

Spanish & adventure in Peru (34 days / 33 nights)

Almost all travelers to Cusco want to visit the Machu Picchu. It is the most important attraction in South America. Besides the Machu Picchu there are many other exciting excursions in and around Cusco. We have put together a package which includes a 4 week Spanish course, accommodation in an apartment, 3 very special one-day excursions on the weekends in between the classes (for example hang gliding!), a four day trek to the Machu Picchu, followed by two nights in Cusco to recover from all the activities. Look for a detailed description of this tour on our page Spanish & Adventure Peru.

Learn Spanish in Peru and volunteer

The school will be happy to arrange volunteer work for you, which is of course free of charge. To do volunteer work in South America you will need some insight in the local culture and the socioeconomic problems of Cusco, Peru and South America in general. The school gives lectures on a regular basis about this subject and can inform you personally about the volunteer project of you choice. With the staff of the school you will visit the project before you start working and this way you will get familiarized with the place you will volunteer.

In short, at this school, they will give you excellent guidance before and during your volunteer work and they will be there for you when you have questions or problems. Before you start working the school expects you to hand in your resume and a short text in which you describe your expectations regarding the volunteer work. Look at the volunteer page of Peru to look at the different volunteer options that are available in Cusco. Cusco is the best place of all the places we offer volunteer work in South America.

Combination volunteer and study Spanish
Combination volunteer and study Spanish

How to get there

It is not always possible to book a direct flight to Cusco. One night in Lima might be necessary. You can book your Lima package with us: One night stay in a nice, quiet hotel. You will be picked up from the airport in Lima and brought to your hotel; the next day we will drive you back to the airport for your one hour flight to Cusco. The costs of this so-called Lima transfer package is $96, this price does not include the flight.

Flight to Cusco

We can also arrange the flight from Lima to Cusco. Unfortunately, the prices vary enormously depending on how far in advance you book and when you would like to travel. If you want to know the price of the ticket, let us know when you would like to fly. The prices of the flights vary mostly between $150 and $265 for a return flight, just ask us.

Because Cusco is located at a very high altitude it is advisable to acclimatize before you start with your Spanish course. Ideally, you want to arrive the Friday before the classes so you have two days to get used to the altitude and get to know the city.

Many people combine learning Spanish in Peru course with studying in Ecuador in their South America journey!

A learn Spanish in Peru package in Cusco includes:

  • A private or group Spanish course of one or more weeks, with 4 one hour group classes a day, five days a week.
  • Lesson materials and classes suited to your level of Spanish.
  • Accommodation of your choice in a single private room in the school’s apartment or with a local host family.
  • Accommodation runs from Saturday before the classes until Saturday after the classes.
  • A placement test on  Monday if you are no longer a beginner.
  • Use of the Internet and library at the school.
  • Coffee and tea during the breaks.
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Extensive (travel) information before you leave and local guidance once you are there.

Not Included

  • A flight from your country to Lima. Here are the airlines that fly to Lima: Avianca, Aeromexico, Air Europa, American Airlines, Copa, LAN, Iberia, KLM, Unted, Delta, Jetblue, Spirit.
  • When staying at the apartment: all meals.
  • Flight from Lima to Cusco.
  • Airport pick-up from Cusco airport to your accommodation ($10).
  • Personal expenses.
  • $35 reservation fee.

Optional: Lima package (two airport transfers and one night hotel) for $96.

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