If you want to learn Spanish in Nicaragua we offer you two places. In San Jan del Sur on the pacific coast and in Leon, a college town north of Managua. Of course we can also offer a combination of the two places. Nicaragua is still cheap and according to a lot of people also the safest country in the region therefore a great choice if you want to do a Spanish immersion course in Central America.

Eieren leggen op het strand
Turtles on the beach

Learn Spanish in Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur

The school

This small school has a nice location between the central park of San Juan and the boulevard along the beach. During the coffee break you can walk to the beach in 3 minutes! This school offers group and private classes of 4 hours a day from Monday through Friday. Usually classes are from 8 am to 12 pm with a half hour break in the middle. But this school is very flexible with the hours so if on occasion you want to change the time of your classes it will be no problem. Free internet is available at the school. In case there is no group with the same level of Spanish as yours, the 4 hour a day group classes are converted to 3 hours a day private classes.

Group Spanish course
Mini group

Surf classes

The school  offers a package with surf classes of 1 week, 5 days a week including 2 hours of lessons per day, board rental, transportation to the surf beach and a t-shirt of the surf school. Every day they check where the best waves are for you level and that is where they will give the class. Nice, that way you will get to see different beaches just outside of San Juan. This surf package costs $170.


In San Juan del Sur you stay at a host family close to the school.

Host family

The housing is simple but the big advantage here is that you not only have your own bedroom but also your own bathroom. You can use a kitchen to prepare your own meals. When you like you can eat your meals with the guest family. You will receive 3 meals a day from Monday’s breakfast to Friday’s dinner. The surcharge, as opposed to just the accommodation, is $60 per week.


From July until December / January a lot of turtles come to the beaches near San Juan to lay their eggs, see photo. You can spot them the most the week before and after full moon. Maybe something to take into account when you are planning your trip? In season the beaches are guarded by soldiers to prevent the theft of the turtles and their eggs. Turtle eggs are unfortunately still a delicacy in Latin America and are said to enhance sexual potency……. One turtle lies up to 100 eggs and each egg will easily sell between $1 and $2…….At least 160.000 turtles lie their eggs on the beaches of San Juan each year. Do you want more information about the turtles that lay their eggs in the region, look at the site of Vianica.

Arribada - Meeresschildkröten Ankunft


We can arrange a transfer in the form of a private taxi from the airport to San Juan. This costs $85 and the drive takes two hours. Please fill in your arrival details on the reservation form if you want to book the transportation.

Volunteer work

In San Juan del Sur you can work as a volunteer at the Biblioteca Movil, a mobile library where they not only lend books but also offer English classes. Look here for more information about the Biblioteca Movil.


Learn Spanish in Nicaragua, the package in San Juan del Sur includes:

  • One or more weeks private Spanish course of 4 hours a day, five days a week.
  • Lesson materials and classes suited to your level of Spanish.
  • Accommodation standard at the host family. At a surcharge you can book family stay with meals (see above under ‘accommodation’).
  • Extensive (travel) information before you leave and assistance once you are at the school.

Optional: private airport transfer from Managua direct to your accommodation in San Juan del Sur ($100).
Not included:

  • International flight to Managua.
  • Transportation from Managua to San Juan del Sur.
  • All expenses of a personal nature.
  • Meals unless you book family stay (look well under ‘accommodation’ )
  • $35 reservation fee.

Learn Spanish in Nicaragua: Leon

If you want to learn Spanish in Nicaragua there are a couple of schools in León that offer Spanish courses but during my visit not one had more than two students. A school offers you an easy way to meet other students from all over the world but a school with no more than two student will hardly contribute to that. That is why we looked for another option.Our private teacher Gloria has more than 20 years of experience teaching non Spanish speakers. When you book your Spanish course she will give you three hours of private classes per day in the morning or in the afternoon. If you want to take more or less hours that’s possible as well. Standard the classes run from 9 am until 12 pm or from 2 pm until 5 pm, with a break in the middle of about 20 minutes. Gloria will come to your hotel or host family. To make it easier to come into contact with other travelers we use a nice hotel with a lot of international guests. A home stay with a host family is also possible; you will practice your Spanish more. There are many tour operators in León that offer really nice tours at a very affordable price.

Accommodation options

As always we have added the cheapest possibility in the standard package. A stay in the shared dorm of a nice hotel. Meals are not included but you can get excellent meals at the hotel itself. You can count on about $6 for two large meals, if you include a cup of coffee and a beer: total cost of about $7 a day. Or you get a bite to eat in a cheap Nicaraguan eatery. In one of those restaurants you can get a complete meal with a glass of lemonade (fruit juice mixed with water) for less than $2. For the other accommodation options (private room in the hotel or host family) there is an additional charge per week.


This is a centrally located hotel; especially fun for younger travelers. You can also choose the stay in a single private room with private bath. The additional charge for a single private room with shared bathroom is $120 per week, if you want a room with private bathroom the additional price per week is $180. Are you sharing the room with a friend then ask us for the price of a double room. Every Friday there is a live performance of a local band and several tours are offered at the tour desk of the hotel.

Host family

You stay at a local host family from León’s upper middle class. You get your own bathroom and three meals a day. The additional price for this package is $40 but in the end this package is a lot cheaper because the meals are included. The walking distance to the main square of León, where most of the nightlife takes place, is about 10 minutes.

Hotel Viavia in Leon
Nice hostel in Leon

Volunteer work

Combine your Learn Spanish in Nicaragua experience with volunteering. There are two very good volunteer programs in León. Both are projects that take care of street children after school. They go to school in the morning and in the volunteer programs ‘La Tias’ or “Las Barilettes’ they will receive a good meal, after which they are engaged in a useful way with for example, games, helping them with their homework or sports. For more information please look at our volunteer page. This makes it possible to learn Spanish in Nicaragua in the morning and help out at the program in the afternoon. Of course it would be necessary that you already speak a bit of Spanish in order for you to communicate with the children.

The transfer

We can arrange a transfer from the airport in Managua to León. The price for the transfer is $65 if you land before 10 pm, if you land after that time the transfer will be $75.


Learn Spanish in Nicaragua, the package in León includes:

  • One or more weeks of private classes three hours a day, five days a week.
  • Lesson materials and classes suited to your level of Spanish.
  • Accommodation of your choice, either in a hotel or with a host family.
  • Extensive (travel) information before you leave and guidance when you are there.

Optional: Airport transfer from Managua direct to your accommodation in León ($65/$75).
Not included in the learn Spanish in Nicaragua course:

  • International flight to and from Managua. Here the internet sites of the most important airlines that fly to Managua: American Airlines, Copa, United, DeltaSpirit, Lacsa, Taca.
  • In case of hotel accommodation: meals.
  • Expenses of a personal nature.
  • $35 Reservation fee.


Learn Spanish in Nicaragua. Book your course.



We do not only offer classes to learn Spanish in Nicaragua but in many other countries in Central America. Go back to the Homepage to see the different possibilities of learning Spanish in Central and South America or combining your Spanish course with free volunteer work.