If you want to learn Spanish in Honduras we can offer Spanish courses in two different locations. One in La Ceiba at the Caribbean coast and one on the Caribbean island of Utila.The school in La Ceiba gives a considerable discount if you stay long-term. Therefore we have also included a 5 and 6 weeks Spanish course with accommodation in our price list. You can find all prices to learn Spanish in Honduras with the different accommodation options in our overview price list. You can take a group course of six weeks, four hours a day with six weeks host family accommodation, where you receive three meals a day, for a total price of $1400. Ideal for a gap year!

Utila is known under backpackers for its excellent yet cheap diving. Utila has the second biggest reef in the world **(Caribbean coast Central America) with beautiful coral and for example whale sharks. Utila is an excellent place to get your scuba dive certification (PADI) at a very low price. The school in La Ceiba sends their Spanish teachers from the main land to teach in Utila. They don´t have a school on the island, so the teacher will come to your hotel to teach.

White beaches with palmtrees in Honduras
Unspoilt beaches

You can easily combine our learn Spanish in Honduras packages with different schools in Central America.

Learn Spanish in Honduras at our school in La Ceiba

The school

In the center of La Ceiba, 10 minutes’ walk from the beach, you will find the school located in a botanical garden. In the garden there are a lot of tropical flowers and fruits. The school offers private and group courses, in both cases you will receive four class hours of Spanish per day from Monday through Friday. One class equals 50 minutes of Spanish instruction. The school has a separate program for medical Spanish. If you are interested we can send you additional information about this program.


You will stay at a local host family where you will receive three meals a day and have your own room. The host families in La Ceiba don’t speak any English so ‘you are forced to’ and that is very good for your Spanish!

How to get there

You will probably land at the airport of San Pedro Sula, 140 kilometers from La Ceiba. The airport in the capital Tegucigalpa is located at about 240 kilometers distance from La Ceiba. International flights tend to be cheaper to San Pedro Sula than the capital Tegucigalpa. Most flights arrive to San Pedro Sula around noon.With a luxury bus, the trip takes about three to three and a half hours. These luxury buses leave daily at 10:50 am, 2:40 pm and 5 pm from the airport of San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba. We can, depending your arrival time, book this bus for you and add it to your package. The bus costs $25. There are also regular buses that leave every hour from the airport to La Ceiba but we cannot reserve these in advance. They do cost a lot less ($5) and the trip takes about 5 hours.

bus transport San Pedro Sula naar La Ceiba
Luxury bus to La Ceiba


The learn Spanish in Honduras package in La Ceiba includes:

  • A private or group course of 4 classes a day, five days a week.
  • Lesson materials and classes suited to your level of Spanish.
  • 7 nights accommodation starting on the Saturday before the classes. Accommodation in a single private room with a local host family.
  • Coffee and tea.
  • Extensive (travel) information before you leave and assistance once you are at the school.

Optional: bus ticket from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba ($25)

Not included:

Central America travel tip: Combine your learn Spanish in Honduras course with a Spanish course in Guatemala. There is a luxury transport option between La Ceiba and Antigua. We can book this for you for $70 (one way ).

Learn Spanish in Honduras on the island Utila


The Spanish course is private, four classes a day, five days a week. One class equals 50 minutes of Spanish instruction. Classes are either in the morning or afternoon, they run consecutively with a half hour break in the middle. You take the classes at a quiet area in your hotel.


We can offer a nice hotel where you have a one-person room with a private bathroom. However there is a lot of accommodation to choose from on Utila once you get to the island, and you might want to look around and book something once you are there. Prices start at $10 per night for a shared room in a hostel. Because most students find their own accommodation or stay at a dive school, in the price list  we give the price of the classes without accommodation.


Utila is an excellent place to get your PADI, open water diving certificate. The underwater world here is incomparable; you can see 12 meter long whale sharks while diving in the second biggest reef in the world! The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the biggest in the world. We have composed a package with a private Spanish course, accommodation in a single room in a hotel with private bathroom and the PADI diving course. The Spanish course and the dive course you can do consecutively, for example get your PADI the first week and one or more weeks of Spanish afterwards. The price for the PADI course is $350 usd and includes 4 free nights in a shared room at the dive school. Do you already have your PADI? You an also do an advanced course or the boat, wreck or night dives. Or you can choose a package with 10 dives.

White sand beaches


You don’t want to dive? No problem, even while snorkeling at the reef you will encounter the most colorful and bizarre fish. The coral has a bright color because of the clear water around Utila. The bottom of the sea has pearly white sand and you can rent snorkeling sets just about anywhere.

Spotted eagle Ray
Spotted eagle Ray

How to get there

You can read above how to take the trip from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba by bus. From La Ceiba you can take the ferry to Utila. The Utila Dream, which leaves at 9:30 am and 4 pm. You don’t have to reserve this ferry in advance. Cost of the boat trip: $25. It is possible you have to stay the night in La Ceiba and take the ferry the next day. We can arrange a hotel for you for one night. Let us know your arrival time to San Pedro Sula and we can check what would be the best and fastest way to get to Utila.

You can´t fly from La Ceiba to Utila. But if you want to fly from La Ceiba to for example, Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula or Roatan, you can have a look at the following airlines: Lanhsa or CM Airlines.


Learn Spanish in Honduras on the island of Utila includes:

  • A private Spanish course of one or more weeks, 4 classes a day, five days a week.
  • Lesson materials and classes suited to your level of Spanish.
  • Extensive (travel) information before you leave and guidance once you are at the school.

Optional: Bus ticket from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba ($25).
Optional: Accommodation at a hotel in a private room with private bath.

Not included:

  • International flight to San Pedro Sula. These are the most important airlines which fly to San Pedro Sula:Avianca, Aeromexico, American Airlines, Copa, Spirit, Unted, Delta.
  • Transportation from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba.
  • All expenses of a personal nature.
  • Accommodation.
  • $35 Reservation fee.

Do you have a gap year? Do you want to take a course of more than 4 weeks and really learn the language? In that case you should definitely consider to learn Spanish in Honduras, this is the cheapest option. When you choose private classes you will be sure to speak the language quite well after six weeks!


Learn Spanish in Honduras. Book your course.


We do not only offer classes to learn Spanish in Honduras but in many other countries in Central America. Go back to the Homepage to see the different possibilities of learning Spanish in Central and South America or combining your Spanish course with free volunteer work.