The four places where your can learn Spanish in Guatemala are Antigua, Quetzaltenango, San Pedro and Monterrico. In Guatemala we work with schools in four different places because the quality and the prices of the courses are excellent. Guatemala really is the country to study Spanish. The dialect is easy to understand and the teachers have years of experience teaching foreigners.

Guatemala is also one of the most inexpensive places to learn Spanish, making it the ideal country if you want to learn Spanish during a gap year. Or you can do our Central America journey where we combine Spanish courses in Costa Rica and/or Panama and Guatemala. Of course you can always extend your trip by doing volunteer work. So choose the best place to learn Spanish and learn Spanish in Guatemala!


Learn Spanish in Guatemala at our school in Antigua

The school

We work with a very renowned language school that opened its doors more than twenty years ago. This school gives academic credits, an American system that reduces your study time. It indicates this Spanish school is of high quality. The school is inside a large building with beautiful courtyard garden where you can relax. The central park is a short walk. At this Spanish school you will get 4 class hours of private Spanish instruction per day by default but you can choose between 2 and 8 hours a day. Note that 4 class hours means 4 consecutive hours with a 20 to 30 minute coffee break in the middle. Ask us for prices if you want more or less than 4 hours a day. This school is very flexible, you can start to learn Spanish in Guatemala any day of the week, even Sundays! You have the same teacher for a week but can then choose another teacher.

Having experience with different teachers has the advantage that you do not get used to just the one voice, accent and word choice of your teacher. Lessons are given either in the morning and afternoon. If you opt for afternoon lessons we can offer you discount on your tuition fee. Please note however that most activities of the school will be organized in the afternoon!


The school offers an activity every day! To name a few: salsa, bachata and merengue dance lessons, bathing in a natural spa in San Lorenzo el Tejar, mountain bike tour, visits to farms and markets. In addition, there are hiking tours to the surrounding Antigua mountains or you can join a volcano hike. Learn to make tortillas, scrabble in Spanish and visit a coffee plantation. For some activities they ask for a financial contribution, others are free.

Accommodation options

Host family stay

This school only offers host family. You have your own room and you get three meals from Monday to Saturday.

If you choose this option you will sleep at a local host family about 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from the school. You will have a single room and three meals a day with the other family members, except of Sundays. Of course you will have your preferences when it comes to the family you want to stay at. When you make your reservation we can we can take some of those into consideration, such as: being the only student in the host family, so you can practice your Spanish more, or with other students, smoking or non-smoking family, vegetarian meals, pets or no pets, whether the family has young children or older children.

Volunteer work

Look at our volunteer page for free volunteer work in Guatemala.

The transfer

We can also add a transfer to your package: from the airport in Guatemala City the transport company Trans-Land will pick you up and take you directly to your host family, student residence or hotel in Antigua. Antigua is about 45 kilometers from the airport in Guatemala City. Outside peak hour traffic the journey takes about one hour and costs $35.

Learn Spanish in Guatemala at our school in San Pedro

The school

San Pedro Spanish School
School with view in San Pedro

Located at the beautiful lake Atitlán the school has the most beautiful class rooms you can think of: classes under a palm leaves thatched roof and views overlooking the lake,. The garden is tropical and has many beautiful flowers and plants. Like most schools in Guatemala, they only offer private courses. From Monday to Friday, 4 consecutive hours a day, with a half hour break in the middle. Private courses always give the fastest results, especially verbal skills improve rapidly when you take private Spanish classes. Because the teaching materials are tailored to your specific pace of learning. Do you want to focus on grammar or verbal skills? Do you want to make homework or not, a lot or just a little? By taking a private course you decide!


We have included a host family stays in the standard course package. You will have your own room but you will share the bathroom with others. Wi-Fi is available at the host families. Do you want to stay at a family where you will have your own bathroom and where they will do your laundry? This is possible for a weekly surcharge of $15. Staying at a hotel or apartment is also possible but will always be more expensive. Tell us your wishes with regards to the accommodation and we will find you a nice place. For an apartment, there is a 4-week minimum stay requirement. The school offers the host families they work with a monthly cooking class. This way the families are taught to make different meals for the students and not only the typical Guatemalan food.

Volunteer work

The school started its own program to help the poorest families around the lake. You can work there as a volunteer for a couple of hours a day.


Besides Spanish courses this very active school offers 4 meetings a week which they call ‘club de conversacion’ (conversation-club). The aim is to encourage speaking in Spanish. The students are divided into three groups of different levels and the groups talk to each other about a predetermined topic. First of all a good way to practice your verbal skills in Spanish and a great way to meet fellow students! In addition you will learn something about the local culture as well. These groups are not mandatory but very fun and useful

Furthermore the school offers free salsa classes almost every day. At the end of the week the school hands out diplomas to the students who are leaving the school. A good opportunity to have a drink with the other students and usually everybody goes out together afterwards. In the weekend they always organize a tour for the students, you only pay a fee to cover the cost, for example for the bus or boat trip.

Paid tours

The school can arrange any type of tour imaginable for the students  and does not ask for a fee for the mediation. For example: do you want to go kayaking on the lake with some of the other students? You can kayak from San Pedro to San Marcos, have lunch there and kayak back to San Pedro at your leisure. For only $2 per hour you can rent a kayak: a nice activity on the weekend for very little money! 2 hours of horseback riding you can do here for $10.

How to get there

From Antigua there are cheap shuttles (minibuses) that will take you straight to San Pedro, they leave daily at 8:30 am and 2 pm. The journey takes about three and a half hours and costs $13. You will get picked up from your accommodation in Antigua and they take you straight to your accommodation in San Pedro, that is if it is possible for the shuttle to get there, some of the streets in San Pedro are so small no minivan or not even a tuctuc can drive through them. Of course you will probably arrive at the airport, so you might need an airport transfer to Antigua and possibly one night in a hotel in Antigua, because most flights arrive in the late afternoon or evening in Guatemala City.

Learn Spanish in Guatemala at our school in Quetzaltenango

The school

This school has an excellent, though somewhat different curriculum. You will receive 5 hours of classes a day. That seems like a lot but it’s really not because those hours are divided into clear segments. Before the break you will get two and a half hours of private classes followed by a coffee break of 30 minutes. Then for one hour and a half there is a get-together where all students join one of the teachers and he or she explains something about the local culture. Of course they take into account the different Spanish levels of the students. For example they explained the system of counting that the Mayans use. Those Mayan numbers are still on Guatemalan banknotes. Finally after this conference the remainder of the morning will be spend with your teacher who will elaborate on the subject of the conference and encourages you to speak.

Spaanse prive-les in Quetzaltenango

Educational Excellence Award

This school in Quetzaltenango has existed for 25 years. They have won a prize, the ‘Educational Excellence Award’ that is given annually to a school by the Iberoamericano Council. A quality school with a modern, attractive lesson system! This school in Quetzaltenango has existed for 25 years. They have won a prize, the ‘Educational Excellence Award’ that is given annually to a school by the Iberoamericano Council. A quality school with a modern, attractive lesson system!

Accommodation options

In our standard package we include a host family stay where you will get your own room and three meals a day, except on Sundays. On Sunday we suggest you pay a visit to ‘Café Lounge’, a delicious restaurant at the corner of 6th Calle & 13th Avenida. Furthermore a hostel stay is also possible for a surcharge of $13 a week. This price is for a simple but cozy hostel, in a single room with shared bathroom close to the school. In addition you can use the kitchen. Are you looking for a more luxurious hotel, let us know your preferences and we will find something suitable for you. Apartment stay with your own kitchen and bathroom is possible if you stay for a minimum of one month. Let us know your preferences and we will check out all the possibilities.

Activities the school offers: free and paid

The school offers activities on a daily basis.Each Monday they hold an introductory meeting where they will tell you all about the school and Xela, at the same time this is a great opportunity to get to know the other students. Also,  there are salsa dance classes on Monday night. These types of activities are included in the package. When you go somewhere with your teacher and the other students of the school you only pay the transfer costs and any entrance fees. And for the cooking classes they ask for a small contribution to pay for the ingredients. Here you see a small group of students that went on a field trip to San Andres Xecul to visit the church, but also walked up the steep hill to see the yellow chapel and the beautiful view of the city. This amazing yellow church you can also see in our country info page. Other free activities apart from salsa classes are: watching a football (soccer) game together with the other students and teacher, watching movies in Spanish and every Friday a festive farewell party for the students who are leaving the school. They will receive their diploma and the students usually arrange the drinks. At this fun night the teachers are also present. Afterwards the students go out together. On the weekends the school always offers excursions to places outside of Quetzaltenango, again the students get to participate in these excursions at cost price.

Learn Spanish in Guatemala at our school in Monterrico

The classes

If you want to learn Spanish in Guatemala at a beach location then Monterrico is and excellent option. Classes are not held in a school but in a hotel. The teachers all come from a reputable school in Antigua, they send their teachers to Monterrico if they have students there. You will get 4 hours of private classes, 5 days a week. If you want to study for an extensive period of time it is a really good idea to end your classes here. In our Spanish and Adventure tour Guatemala the last week of classes are in Monterrico.

Zonsondergang Monterrico
Sunset Monterrico beach

Villa Tortugas

Spaans leren aan het strand van Monterrico
Swimmingpool Villa Tortugas

By default we have added the cheapest option to the package that is here a shared room in Villa Tortugas on the beach. This beautiful house has a very large kitchen, a sitting room, a bathroom, terraces, a swimming pool and a nice garden. Yes all this directly on the beach!However the house is located 2 km outside of Monterrico. You have a bike at your disposal and therfore you can be in the village in 10 mintues. Or you walk over the beach in 20 minutes or you take the bus. Wonderfully quiet, hardly a tourist to be seen but we know that not everyone likes this.
There is also no internet, you have to go to the village to school or a cafe.


You can also choose to stay witha host family in the village. Ideal for someone who likes to go out. However it will be simple accommodation. You get three meals a day except Sundays. Supplement to the standard package with a shared room in Villa Tortugas is $20 per week but you have 18 meals for that!


The sea is very rough and there is a strong undercurrent so be careful when you enter. It is ok to take a dip but swimming long distances is not recommendable. That is why the hotel also has a swimming pool. There is a volleyball net so people play volleyball regularly and you can join in. There is a turtle rescue center in town which is definitely worth a visit. You can go horseback riding and they offer tours to the mangroves. So plenty to do besides working on your tan!

How to get there

From Antigua there is a shuttle (minivan) to Monte Rico every day at 8 am. The trips takes 2 hours and costs $13. You can book this with us.

Overview, our learn Spanish in Guatemala package includes:

  • A private Spanish course of 4 class hours a day, five days a week. In Quetzaltenango it will be 5 hours a day
  • Lesson materials and classes suited to your level of Spanish.
  • 7 nights accommodation from the Saturday before the classes until the Saturday after the classes, the accommodation options for each place are as follows:
    • Antigua: Guest family
    • San Pedro: Guest family
    • Quetzaltenango: Guest family
    • Monterrico: Villa Tortugas or Guest family
  • 3 meals a day from Monday through Saturday if you stay at a guest family. Or breakfast from Monday through Saturday if you stay at the studenthouse in Antigua.
  • Daily activities from Monday to Friday, some are free some for a fee.
  • Placement test before the course starts if you are no longer a beginner.
  • Coffee and tea.
  • Extensive (travel) information before you leave and assistance once you are at the school.


Transfer from Guatemala City Airport:

  • To Antigua: $35
  • To San Pero: A private transfer from Guatemala City to Antigua costs $35. In Antigua there are daily shared shuttles to San Pedro for $12 per person leaving at 8:30 am, 2 pm and 4 pm. You might have to spend one night in Antigua depending on the arrival time of your flight.
  • To Quetzaltenango: A private transfer from Guatemala City to Antigua costs $35. In Antigua there are daily shared shuttles to Quetzaltenango for $20 per person leaving at 8:30 am, 3 pm. You might have to spend one night in Antigua depending on the arrival time of your flight.
  • To Monterrico: private transfer from Guatemala City to Antigua costs $35. A shuttle bus transfer from Antigua to Monte Rico costs $13. The shuttle leaves Antigua at 8 am. Depending on your flights´arrival time you might have to stay in Antigua for one night.

Not included:

  • International flight to Guatemala City. Airlines that fly to Guatemala City airport are: Avianca, Aeromexico, American Airlines, Copa, Spirit, United, Delta.
  • Transportation from Guatemala City Airport to the place in Guatemala where you will study Spanish (either Antigua, San Pedro, Quetzaltenanengo or Monterrico). We can arrange these transfers, see prices above.
  • Meals (unless meals are part of the accommodation type you choose, for example host family)
  • All expenses of a personal nature.
  • $35 reservation fee

Important info: The schools in San Pedro, Quetzaltenago and Monterrico are closed on the following national holidays and missed classes will not be rescheduled or refunded: 1st of January, Holy Thursday and Good Friday (Easter), 1st of May, 30th of June, 25th of July, 15th of September, 20th of October, 1st of November, 25th of December. However the school in Antigua is only closed on the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

Learn Spanish in Guatemala.

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