Learn Spanish in Argentina, in the capital city of Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan city that appeals to the imagination.

The school has a branch in the south, in Bariloche, a ski resort in the Andes. You can also learn Spanish in Argentina, on an estancia, an estate with horse breeding on the Pampas. Meals, hikes, wine tastings and horseback riding are included. Ask us about this option!.

Learn Spanish in Argentina
Teachers and students

The Spanish Course in Buenos Aires Argentina

We work with a well-known, big school. You can choose between four hours of private or group lessons per day (one class hour = 50 minutes). The groups are never bigger than 6 students. The group course is held in the morning or in the afternoon, 9 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 6 pm. Private classes are held from 2 pm – 6 pm. The school is located in the center of Buenos Aires on a tree-lined boulevard. The photo depicts the imposing building the school is in, on the 3 rd floor. There is a big communal area with coffee bar and wifi. It is a colonial building with a view over the Plaza del Congreso. A few blocks away there is a park where you can study or have chat with the locals.

School building
The school building


If you want to learn Spanish in Argentina the schools’ activities will please you. They offer cultural activities for free on weekdays. Activities such as cooking classes, tango lessons, museum visits and strolls through different districts of the city. On Monday they have the city walk, each week a different area of Buenos Aires is chosen. On two afternoons, the activity includes something with the Spanish language, the so called ‘club de conversacion’ or tutorial. In the weekend you can also join multiple day activities for a fee. For example to the Iguazu waterfalls. You can also go to a tango show with dinner and drinks or go to the estancia for a day.

Argentinian Spanish

The Spanish spoken in Argentina, the Castellano, differs a bit from the rest of Latin America in its pronunciation. The ‘i’y’, for example, are pronounced as’sh”. As a result more soft, melodious sounds. Beautiful Spanish!

The accommodation

There are several options for accommodation in Buenos Aires. Please note: the accommodation starts on the Sunday before the classes. If you arrive on earlier you can book additional nights for the accommodation of your choice.

Student flat

The cheapest accommodation option is a bed in a student flat, you share the room room with one other person. In this flat they have students that study at the university. Most of them come from different Latin American countries. There are also other students from Europe or north America that take classes at the same Spanish school, an interesting mix therefor!
You will eat and cook together with the other students in the house. You share the living room and bathroom. Do you want your own private room in the students flat? It’s possible for and extra $100 per week. The students who have been living in the flat for longer are familiar with the nicest places in Buenos Aires. They can show you around. A nice and fun way to practice your Spanish.

Outside terrace of the accommodation in student flat Buenos Aires

Host family

The host families are located 30 minutes by bus or metro from the school. The families are middle class. During weekdays you will receive two meals a day: breakfast and dinner. In the weekend you will get breakfast only. You will have your own room but you will share the bathroom with the other family members. The host family has a surcharge of $100 per week compartmentalized to the shared 2 bed room in the student flat.

Volunteer work

The school has contacts with many different programs in and around Buenos Aires. There are social, medical, educational and ecological programs. The school charges $ 125 to arrange the work for you. And you have had at least 4 weeks of Spanish classes. Look at our volunteer page to see the different options in volunteer work in Argentina.

The transfer

We can arrange a transfer for you for $85. You will be picked up at the airport. The drive takes between 30 and 45 minutes and goes straight to your accommodation.

Included in your learn Spanish in Argentina package:

  • One or more weeks or private or group classes or 4 hours a day, five days a week.
  • Lesson materials and education for your level of Spanish
  • Your accommodation : student flat (no meals) or host family (with meals).
  • A placement test if you are no longer a beginner
  • Use of internet and library.
  • Coffee and tea during breaks
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Travel information before you leave.

Not included:

  • International flight to Buenos Aires. The airport code is EZE. The most popular airlines flying to Argentina are: Iberia, Lufthansa, United Airlines
  • In case you are staying at the student flat: meals
  • Expenses of a personal nature
  • $35 administration fee


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