Spanish classes while you travel, a Travelling Classroom

A nice break of your Spanish classes, a trip to Manzanillo

What is a Travelling Classroom?

Spanish classes in a Travelling classroom. You travel around a country visiting different places and you will learn Spanish at the same time. You travel in an international group of people. We have Travelling Classrooms (from now on TC’s) where teachers travel with the group. There are also TC’s where you’ll have your Spanish classes every week in another school. In the last case you’ll get to know other students who are at that Spanish school as well, they just don’t participate in the TC. With this type of TC’s your level of Spanish is passed on to the next school. So with a Travelling Classroom you’ll learn Spanish. You’ll get to know the country. You will enjoy adventurous excursions and activities among an international group of travelers.

Here some examples of excursions and activities. These are inclusive in the different Travelling Classrooms:

– Visit the San Blas islands
– A week of surf classes in a nice beach town
– A weekend of river rafting with an overnight stay in a camping place at the shores of a river in the jungle
– Hang-gliding
– Salsa dance classes
– Cooking classes
– Inner-tubing
– Canopy tour
– Sailing on a catamaran in the Caribbean
– Guided hikes in the Amazon jungle
– Kayaking at Lake Atitlan
– Beach volleyball
– Visit animal rescue center in the jungle
– Visit a shaman

Below you will find a list of TC’s. The tours always include Spanish classes, accommodation, transportation, excursions and activities.

Click on the TC of your choice to go to the page with the itinerary, the type of activities, the exact amount of classes and the excursions from day to day.

Pricelist  of all our Travelling Classrooms.

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