Free volunteer work in Latin America: Volunteer gives sport classes in school in Cocles, Puerto ViejoFree volunteer work in Latin America? Normally the organizations will ask for money if you want to work for them. If you pay directly to a volunteer program you can be reasonably sure the money will directly benefit the program. BUT if you book volunteer work with an organization located in your home country a big part of the money will stay there and not benefit the program. We don’t think that is correct and that is why, together with the schools we work with, we search for free volunteer programs. In Ecuador and Argentina, the school will ask for a relatively low fee. It’s up to you if you want to pay to work! If you arrange your volunteer work via us it’s mostly free of charge.

How does free volunteer work in Latin America work?

Study Spanish at one of the schools in Guatemala, Nicaragua,Yes also in Peru we offer free volunteer work in Latin America Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador or Peru. These schools can offer you free volunteer work opportunities if you take Spanish classes with them. At a few of the schools there is even a volunteer work coordinator present. In the menu, under Volunteer Work, you can find the various countries with the free programs we offer. During your Spanish course you can consult with the school which program best suits your experience and wishes. Often it is possible to visit the program beforehand with your teacher or the coordinator.

Booking your Volunteer work in advance

You can arrange the volunteer work and your accommodation in advance but this is not necessary; you can also choose the program you want to work for once you are there.
The minimum amount of time you have to be available for free volunteer work is usually one month but this may differ, you will find a detailed description under each project. Please note that it is not possible to work with orphans for a short time (one month). The children often have been abandoned several times by both parents and other guardians. They will certainly not gain anything from short-term volunteers. If you want to volunteer working with people you must have a fairly decent level of Spanish. For volunteer work with animals or in for example forestry there are fewer requirements imposed about your level of Spanish.

How much Spanish do I need to speak to volunteer?

There are a few schools which offer the possibility to start the volunteer work while you are taking your Spanish course, as long as your Spanish level is sufficient for the type of work you will be doing. Do keep in mind that studying Spanish, making homework and working at the same time is very demanding. At the same time you might like to take part in the activities the school offers in the afternoon and do other fun things with the other students. Choose a country in the menu under volunteer work to find out more about all the possibilities in the different countries.

Why pay to volunteer? Free volunteer programs in Latin America:

We can arrange volunteer work for after your Spanish course or in some cases during your Spanish course. You can click on the link of each country to find out more about our programs:  Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, EcuadorPeru and Argentina.
How do you keep the cost of living low during your volunteer work? By staying on at your host family after your Spanish course, this way you can arrange your accommodation and meals at a low cost. In Guatemala and Nicaragua you can stay at local host family for as little as $85 a week.

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