Accommodation during volunteer work

Student shows zijn bakkunsten in zijn gastgezin

When you want to do volunteer work you want to have cheap but pleasant accommodation. You also need some company. Sharing a room in a Spanish school is a good option for instance in Costa Rica, Panama or Montanita in Ecuador during your volunteer work. Or staying with a guest family where your meals are included. Good and cheap options in Peru, Guatemala and Nicaragua. It`s not necessary that all meals are included. You probably won`t eat your lunch at your family`s place when you work anyway!
Expectations of volunteers range from being paid by the project with room and board to you paying high sums to be able to work at a project…
We believe somewhere in the middle is correct.
Typically, projects can`t offer you room and board for your work because if they could, they also could pay a local to work that would cost the same more or less. And believe it or not in general local workers are preferred over foreigners because there is no language barrier and they tend to fit better in the culture of the project.
Paying high sums to be able to work is not necessary and an abuse. Of course projects need money, with more money more work can be done but in general when you pay a high sum most of it will end up in the pocket of the tour operator who sells you the work. There still exists volunteer work free of charge, just look around on internet or ask us.