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Visiting Central America during rainy season

Dry season is the most popular time to visit any of the countries in Central America because the weather is nice. And with no chance of rain there are more activities you can undertake all day long. However there are also some advantages to traveling during rainy season. For example there are less tourists so it won’t feel so busy. And hotels tend to be cheaper.

Just how much rain should you expect? If you visit during rainy season it doesn’t rain non-stop all day long. On average you can expect sunny mornings and rain for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. There will be days with no rain or rain all day long. What is also nice about rainy season is that it makes everything less dusty and the rain cools you down after a warm day.

What should you bring with you on your trip to Central America during rainy season? First of all it might be a good idea to bring plastic boots or shoes, because sneakers are almost impossible to get dry, and flip flops are not comfortable to walk on for long distances. Don’t wear jeans, these are also difficult to dry and not always comfortable in warmer more humid climates. Bring light weight quick drying materials. But do bring your flip flops to wear around the hotel and for short distances because these are easy to clean. A poncho or rain jacket has the advantage you can keep your camera gear or backpack underneath, but in the more humid stickier environments an umbrella might be more comfortable.

Other things you should be aware off? Mosquitoes are much more common during rainy season, so bring extra mosquito repellent. And one thing that could be problem towards the end of rainy  are mudslides. Because the high amount of water inundates the soil causing it to get looser and liquid and move downhill which can cause road blocks. But upon traveling from one town to another, the travel agency where you buy your ticket will let you know if the road conditions are safe or not.

When is rainy season in Central America? It is different for each region. You can check out the country information pages on this website when rainy season is for each of the country you plan to visit.

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