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If you want to volunteer in Peru we offer excellent opportunities in Cusco. Of course this will be completely free of charge. The school in Cusco offers many different volunteer options. Standard there is a minimum time commitment of 4 weeks. They also expect you to be able to hold a simple conversation in Spanish with the people you are going the work with. And of course you will want to be able to communicate with the other workers in the program. For some of the programs your level of Spanish even has to be a bit better than that.

The school is happy to help you choose the most suitable program. Send us your resume so we can evaluate your education and work experience. We also expect you to send us a short text in which you describe what type of work you would like to do and your expectations. What if you don’t have any work experience but you do want to do free volunteer work in Peru? It doesn’t have to be a problem but we would just like to know in advance. That way we can still place you in a program that fits you.

When you volunteer in Peru you get a very rewarding experience in return. The Indian communities in and around Cusco still have a disadvantage. Helping the younger generation by teaching English or computer skills will give them better opportunities in society. That is why doing volunteer work in Peru is very worthwhile.

Volunteer in Peru at the following programs:

  • Small kindergarten school in a disadvantages neighborhood of Cusco.
  • Burns and trauma department of a hospital.
  • Clinic for mentally or physically handicapped children.
  • After-school care program for underprivileged children.
  • Guidance and training of disadvantaged young adults *
  • Guidance and training of single mothers *
  • Care of the elderly
  • Rehabilitation centers for young offenders, drug addicts *
  • Work in a women’s shelter*
  • Work in the rain forest; keep into account the higher cost of living and the cost of transportation to and from the rain forest. The volunteer work in Peru is free but the transportation creates an additional cost.

* specific education and / or work experience is a requirement to take part in this type of volunteer work.

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