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Spanish course and adventurous activities in Boquete and Bocas del Toro - 4 weeks

Do you want to combine a Spanish course in a mountain village with a Spanish course on a tropical island in the Caribbean? It’s possible in Panama! You will stay for two weeks in each place. First in Boquete you will enjoy the nature of the mountains and in Bocas del Toro you will treat yourself to Caribbean sun, sea and beach. Here you will find countless nice little restaurants and bars mainly build over the water. Yes, you will also learn Spanish, don’t worry 🙂 pretty intensive actually: 20 hours a week in a small group. Both in Boquete and in Bocas you will able to join daily activities after your Spanish lessons, like Spanish language movies, yoga, salsa dance classes, Zumba classes, cooking work shops. On each Friday there is an end of the week get together. On this day the school organizes a barbecue, the students arrange the food and the school offers a few drinks.
Terrace in Bocas

You will sleep in a shared room at the school. In the first weekend in between classes you will go horseback riding. Would you prefer to do a zip line tour? That’s also possible for an extra charge of $35. After your two weeks in Boquete you will travel by minibus and boat to Bocas del Toro. On the first Sunday you will get to see a lot of this archipelago. You will go sailing by catamaran: the whole day on the boat, enjoying the sun, relaxing, talking and you can help steer the boat. There will be frequent stops to go snorkeling. There are places where you can see 800 different species of coral. Lunch is included on this boat trip.

Also in Bocas you will get two weeks of group Spanish classes, accommodation in a shared room at the school and a day excursion in the>intervening weekend between classes. This second trip is an excursion bysailing on a catamaran in Bocas del Toro boat to the island of Zapatilla. On the way you will be able to spot dolphins, sloths, you will snorkel with an anfibia board, and visit the national park Bastimentos (entrance fee included), where you will visit red frog beach where you can see, you guessed it, red frogs.

Anfibia boarding is the new thing from Bocas: you will get dragged behind a boat through the water with snorkel and mask right above the coral. Zapatilla is a lovely deserted island where you can go sun bathing, hike or snorkel. A really cool and varied day excursion!

Even if you travel on your own, because of the many activities you soon belong in the group!
You will find more information about learning Spanish in Boquete and Bocas here.

The price of this Spanish and Adventure trip in Panama is USD 1485.

blue water around ZapatillaIncluded in the package:

  • Two weeks of group Spanish course, 4 hours a day from Monday through Friday, and accommodation at the shool in a shared dorm. During the week the school offers an activity on each day as described above.
  • In the intervening weekend between classes in Boquete you will go horseback riding. 
  • On Saturday after your two weeks in Boquete you will travel to Bocas del Toro in a minibus and by boat. You will be picked up from the school and travel in a group. The transfer takes about 5 hours.
  • The first Sunday after your arrival in Bocas: a sailing trip on a Catamaran.
  • Two week group Spanish course, 4 hours a day from Monday through Friday, accommodation at the Spanish school in a shared dorm. There are daily activities (see above).
  • On the weekend in between classes you will take an excursion by boat to Zapatila, spot dolfins and sloths, snorkel with an anfibia board, entrance to the national park Bastimentos.
  • On Saturday after classes you will still have one free day, you won’t leave until Sunday.

This trip can start on any Sunday of the year. You can also arrive on a Saturday in Boquete. In this case you will pay an extra $14 for the shared room in the dorm. For an added price of $10 per night you can also get a private single room.

Not included:

Nightlife in Bocas!

  • Transport to Boquete or from Bocas del Toro. We can add different transfers to your package ask us for the possibilities.
  • Meals except for the lunch on the catamaran sailing day trip.
  • Expenses of a personal nature.
  • $35 reservation fee.

Price: $1485

The great advantage of the Spanish & Adventure tours is that they have no minimum number of participants, so once you book they will never be canceled, they always go ahead! However, it may be that a popular trip is full so do not wait longer than necessary with making your reservation!

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