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Breakfast in MontanitaLearn Spanish in Ecuador via SLT, we offer 5 different Spanish schools in Ecuador. Combine them as you like! They are located in Quito the capital, in Cuenca in the Andes mountains, in the Amazon jungle, in Manta a mid size harbor town and Montañita a small surfing village at the coast.

Apart from taking your Spanish course in one single location we also offer a so called “Travelling Classroom” of 4 weeks. Ideal for those who want to learn Spanish while at the same time explore the country of Ecuador. A Spanish course in 4 different locations with a lot of different excursions and activities so you really get to know the areas you are visiting.

An overview of our Travelling Classrooms and descriptions you will find under the menu button “Travelling Classrooms”.

Our Spanish school in Quito has also put together a package which consists of a two week Spanish course and accommodation in Quito and 2 week Spanish course in the jungle of Ecuador, with beautiful accommodation, all meals and daily excursions. You can click here for more information about this Quito/Jungle package.

Learn Spanish in Ecuador, Quito

The school

This small to mid size school is located in the new part ofLearn Spanish in Ecuador, here the school in Quito Quito close to the Carolina park and a big shopping mall. This big park in the middle of the city mainly attracts athletic “Quitenos”. It has a bike trail, also for 4-year-olds with hills, circuit training, running tracks. There are also basketball, football and volleyball courts.The school has been tastefully decorated and fully equipped. With the group Spanish course the class size is never bigger than four persons. Just in case during your attendance, there are no other students with the same level of Spanish as yours, you will get the same value in private classes.

Afternoon activities

For a small fee, you can take part in a wide Uitzicht over Quitovariety of after class activities like for example: a visit to a museum, cooking classes, salsa classes, take a cable way more than 4000 meters up so you will get a fantastic view of the city (see photo ), a walking tour of the historical center, or a visit to Mitad del Mundo (the equitor). And of course the use of internet is free at this school.

Accommodation options

For accommodation options you can choose between the schools apartment, located practically next to the school, or you can opt to stay at a host family.


Entree studenten residentie QuitoIf you choose to stay at the apartment of the school you can choose between a private room and a shared room. There is a big kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a patio you share with the other students. The owner of the house where the apartment is located is a clear fan of flowers and potted plants (see photo).

Host family stay

If you choose to stay with a host family you can let us know if you want to be the only student so you will practice your Spanish more, or if you rather stay at a family that has one or two other students as well. At the host family you will standard receive two meals, but you can pay extra to receive three meals a day. If you choose two meals, the meals will be breakfast and dinner. The walking distance from the host family to the school varies between 10 and 25 minutes.

Learn Spanish in Ecuador with the Travelling Classroom

You can combine all schools in Ecuador, per you own wishes, or take our four week Travelling Classroom.

Combination package Quito / Amazon Jungle, four weeks

The school in Quito has custom made a four week package for SLT. This package consists of a two week group Spanish course of four hours a day in Quito. After these two weeks you will travel to the jungle where you will also receive two weeks of group course of  three hours a day. In Quito accommodation will be in a shared room in the schools residence next to the school. Accommodation in the jungle will be a shared room in the jungle lodge, all meals included. In the jungle activities are included in the first week. The second week your can see if you want to join the activities and pay them on site. The second week different activities are being offered. This complete package costs $1595.  You can find more information about this tour on our Spanish & Adventure Ecuador page.

Learn Spanish in Ecuador, in the Amazon Jungle

About the jungle location

The school in the Amazon jungle is located in an attSchool in the jungleractive building made of tropical wood, cement and bamboo. From the terrace of the school you have a great view over the river (see photo), the location is really beautiful, just above the river Rio Napo. Four kilometer distance from the village Ahuano, you will find the school. It’s about a half hour by bus from Tena. Tena is a bigger town at the edge of the Amazon jungle. In the morning the school area is visited by many birds, especially Oropendulas, which will come from the mountain to the river to spend the day. At the end of the afternoon you can see them fly
over the school, back to the mountains to spend the night.

The Amazon river and it’s branchesLern Spanish in Ecuador...jungle! View from school over Rio Napo

The Arajuno river, which has much warmer water, joins the Rio Napo river close to the school. In the warmer Arajuno river it is lovely to swim or go tubing. The cold Rio Napo river and the relative high altitude of the school (300 meters) are the reason for a much cooler climate than you would expect around the equator. Both rivers contribute to the Amazon. Wonderful weather, never too hot and the nights can be chilly even. You will even need a blanket at night!

The school

Spanish classes in the jungleYou will take your Spanish course at the terrace of the school with a beautiful view over the river. Here you’ll receive 3 class hours of Spanish instruction a day. You can choose between group and private classes. De teachers come over from the school in Ecuador, and are chosen to go to the jungle location in turn. It is never a problem to find teachers for the jungle location!

The accommodation and mealsLearn Spanish in Ecuador private room in the jungle

The accommodation is truly great!
A lot more beautiful and tasteful than you would expect in a jungle surrounding. You get a modern bathroom with warm water, a terrace with hammocks and the beds are comfortable. Below you can see photos from the 1 person room and the shared room. In the standard package you will get a shared room. If you rather get your own private room it is possible for an extra 75 dollars per week. You will receive three good meals a day and in the break in between the lessons, you also receive a snack. Lunch consist of a soup and main course and dinner is a main course and dessert. There are a lot of juices made of fruits you have never even heard of in you own country! Tasty and healthy meals!


Daily from Monday through Friday afternoon activities are held. In total 18 Innertubing Learn Spanish in Ecuador, here innertubingexcursions are being offered and these activities are offered in rotation. A selection of the offerings: jungle walks, canoe trips on the river, tubing, visit to the animal rescue center AmaZoonico, learn how to blowfish, make chicha, dig for gold, make chocolate, visit the butterfly garden, night walks through the jungle, walk to a waterfall, bird spotting etc. Most of the time several activities are combined in the afternoon. The excursions and activities are guided by Jaime, a good local guide. He speaks slow and easy to understand Spanish so all students will be able to understand him.


We recommend to take one week of classes in the jungle with excursions included, but in the second week just wait and see which activities you want to take part in and pay for them on the spot. Simply put, it is hard work to take Spanish classess for four hours a day, do your homework and then take part in an excursion for three or four hours. You will probably also want to have time to lie in a hammock, read a book and listen to the sounds of the jungle.
Please note: you are really in the jungle, but since shortly they managed to install internet in the lodge. If this is an advantage I do not know 🙂

Learn Spanish in Ecuador, in Montañita at the beach

Learn Spanish in Ecuador, Not easy being a student in Montañita :-)The school

The school is located in Montañita at a five minute walk from the beach! Accommodation is another couple of minutes further up the road. Cabañas are made with as many natural materials as possible like for example bamboo and palm leaves. Accommodation is centered around a swimming pool and jacuzzi. There is a beautifully landscaped and well maintained garden around the swimming pool. The school has thatched ranchos with hammocks in which you can relax or do your homework. At this school they also give you the option between private courses and group courses. The average group size is four students (maximum six students). Standard you will receive 20 hours of group classes per week. You can also do a private Spanish course for 20 hours a week.

Accommodation options


In the standard package we included the accommodation in a shareLeuke cabañas!d cabaña in the village, close to the beach. The cabañas are made of natural materials, like bamboo, and have a thatched roof made of palm leafs. Would you prefer a private cabaña for yourself then the added cost is $65 per week. Cabañas with own kitchen are available too. This very nice, beautiful, new accommodation is very popular and books up quickly, so don’t wait until the last moment to book! From the end of December until the end of March there is a high season surcharge on accommodation, ask us about the price if you want to learn Spanish in Ecuador in this time period.

Host family

You can choose to stay at a host family and the families are all located in Montañita. There is running water but not always hot water. Some families have wifi internet but not all, if you are staying at a family with no wifi you can always walk to the school to use the wifi over there. At the host family you will receive two meals a day. The additional cost of this option compared to the standard accommodation is $75 per week.


Learn Spanish in Ecuador and add a surf course

Montañita is, according to many, the best surf spot in South AmericaLearn Spanish in Ecaudor and surf! because of the constant waves throughout the year. This is why this place attracts many young, athletic travelers. Beginner or advanced surfer? It doesn’t matter. Beginners can surf at low tide and the advanced surfers choose the high tide as the best moment of the day to surf. Besides this you will get higher and stronger waves the closer you get to “the point”. If you think it is to busy in Montañita and you are looking for a special “break”? No problem, you just take the bus to a beach north or south of Montañita and you will have the break all to yourself. It won’t be a problem to take your board inside the bus.

Spanish & Surf

The school also offers a combination of ‘Spanish and Surf’. You will receive four hours of Spanish classes in the morning and one and a half hours of surfing classes. There is no cheaper place to learn to surf and the atmosphere in the village is very relaxed; a great place to learn how to surf, many young surfers and a great nightlife. For this ‘Spanish & Surf’ combination add $85 a week to the standard package of Spanish classes and accommodation. If you are already a seasoned surfer but you don’t want to take your own board you can rent one on site. Price: $55 a week or $135 per month. Tip: buying a second hand board and selling it when you leave is usually the cheapest option.

Volunteer work

There are various volunteer projects in Montañita. The school arranges the work for you but will charge a one-time fee of $30. We will pay this fee. However recently the school has decided that everyone has to donate $70 per month to the volunteer program so unfortunately we can no longer say the volunteer programs here are free, but compared to most other volunteer programas in Ecuador this contribution is quite low.

Travelling Classroom

Learning Spanish in Ecuador provides you with the opportunity to combine many different schools or add a Travelling Classroom to your journey. The school organizes a Travelling Classroom, where you will get your Spanish course in four different places. You will get four hours of Spanish classes from Monday to Friday in a group and some very special activities are included like for example hang gliding! Travelling Classroom of 4 weeks in Ecuador.

Learn Spanish in Ecuador, in Montañita, but how to get there?Huge bus station in Quito

Montañita is located at the coast about 10 hours by bus from Quito. But when you fly to Guayaquil the transfer by bus or taxi to Montañita is only two and a half hours. Most flights to Guayaquil arrive at midnight.

We offer two transfer options when you arrive at Guayaquil:

A: Transfer by taxi from the airport Guayaquil to Montañita. The transfer takes two hours and costs $100.
B: If you arrive before 2 pm you can take a taxi to the bus station (about $20) and buy your own bus ticket to Montañita ($6).

Flying to Manta

You can also book a flight to Manta. Manta is about 1.5 hours away Montañita. You will have to change in Quito but the flights from Quito to Manta are very reasonably priced. Because most flights arrive in Manta at night time you will not be able to take the bus and you have to take a taxi from the airport in Manta to Montañita. We can book a taxi for you for $100.

Arrival in Quito:

A: You can book a flight from Quito to Guayaquil with LAN airlines for about $70.
B: You can take the bus from Quito to Jipijapa, Portoviejo or Puerto Lopez and transfer to a bus to Montañita. When you take the bus to Puerto Lopez then the bus ride to Montañita, after changing, is only an extra 45 minutes. The whole journey takes about 10 hour depending on the time it takes to change buses. You can take an overnight bus from Quito.

In short, there are many different ways to get to Montañita, if you can’t make sense of it anymore, ask us to help you find the best way in your situation.

Learn Spanish in Ecuador, in Manta at the beach

The school

This somewhat small school is located in a modern and luxurious part of Manta. From the terrace on the 2nd floor you have an exceptional view of the sea and you can walk to the beach in 10 minutes. Here you can choose between four hours of private or group classes a day. Groups can have a maximum of six students, but most of the time it will be about three students per group. If you choose group classes for four hours a day, but it happens there’s nobody with the same level of Spanish as yours, then the group class will be converted into a private course of three hours a day. That’s a good deal! The school building has a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi!

Accommodation options

School residenceLearn Spanish in Ecuador in Manta, school with pool and jacuzzi!

In the standard package a room in the schools apartment is included. That room has all you need: its own bathroom with warm water. You share the living room and the kitchen with only one other ro
om. In the living room you will find a sofa, dining table and tv. You can get wifi everywhere in the apartment. There is also a bigger room with airco, that room costs $55 extra per week. Of course at night you can also sit on the terrace or take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. There are various restaurants nearby where you can get great meals.

Host family

You will get your own room and two meals a day (breakfast and dinner). You share the bathroom. The host families are located at 15 to 20 minutes walking distance from the school. Staying at a host family is a great way to practice your Spanish.

The Spanish course

Manta Classes1You can choose between private and group classes of four hours a day. The classes are held on the terrace or in a classroom. The maximum group size is six students but on average there are no more than three. Just in case you choose group classes and there are no other students available at your level, you will get private classes for three hours a day.

Activitiessalsa classes next to the pool of the school

The school offers several activities you can join. You pay a small fee to take part. For example an Ecuadorian cooking class, salsa dance classes, a trip to a beach to go kitesurfing, of visit to a Panamanian hat factory. Yes, the typical Panamanian hats come from Ecuador J.


15 minuten outside of Manta you will find Santa Marianita. This location is a hot spot for kite surfers. You can can get your classes of Spanish on the beach and go kitesurfing every day. Of you can get a daily pick-up from Santa Marianita and go to the Spanish school for you classes. We can arrange the kite surfing lessons. If you are interested ask us for the possibilities and the prices. Be aware there is only kitesufing from December to May.

Learn Spanish in Ecuador, In Cuenca a beautiful colonial town

The school

This mid size school is located in the centre of Cuenca close to the old cathedral. The school only offers private classes so your Spanish will improve at a fast pace. You will get classes four hours a day, five days a week. From Monday to Friday the schools also offers  activities. For example every Monday they offer a city tour, on Tuesday salsa dance classes, Wednesday a visit to a museum, Thursday an Ecuadorian cooking workshop after which you will be able to test the results your cooking skills with the rest of the group.

Accommodation options

You can choose between a home stay and an apartment stay. In both cases the accommodation will be walking distance from the school.

Apartment stay

As always in the standard package we offer the cheapest accommodationApartamentverblijf in Cuenca option, which in this case will be the apartment. You will have your own room, but you will share the kitchen and living room with other students of the Spanish school. To the right a photo of a bedroom in one of the apartments of Cuenca.

Host family stay

The host families are located very close to the school and offer three meals a day. They also take care of your laundry. The extra cost for staying at a local host family in Cuenca (as opposed to staying in an apartment) will be $35 per week. That price includes 21 meals and your laundry!

How to get there

When you decide to learn Spanish in Ecuador you’ll need to think well in advance about your flight. There are simply many options. You can buy a flight to Cuenca, but most likely you will have to switch planes in Quito, but this is easily done in one day, and very reasonably priced. When you choose to stay at a host family the transfer from the airport to your family’s house will be included, someone from the host family will pick you up for free. If you choose the apartment stay then we can arrange a transfer for $15.

It is an excellent idea to combine your Spanish course in Cuanca with a Spanish in course in Quito, Manta or Montañita.

Included in all learn Spanish in Ecuador packages (Quito, Jungle, Manta, Cuenca or Montañita):

  • One or more weeks of group or private Spanish classes, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • The lesson materials and Spanish instruction at your own level.
  • Your choice of accommodation, either in an school residence, apartment/hotel or with a local host family.
  • Accommodation runs from the Saturday before the classes until the Saturday after the classes.
  • Use of the internet and library at the Spanish schools.
  • Coffee, tea during the classes.
  • Certificate of attendance by the school
  • Extensive travel information before you leave and on-site guidance once you are there.

Not included in all learn Spanish in Ecuador packages:

  • Your international flight. The airport code of Cuanca is CUE. The airline code of Quito is UIO. You can fill in your final destination at the site of one of the many online flight vendors like Skyscanner or Cheaptickets. Some of the well known airlines that fly to Quito are: AviancaAeromexicoAmerican AirlinesCopaIberiaKLMUnitedDelta.
  • In case you stay at an apartment, hotel or school residence the meals are not included.
  • Expenses of a personal nature.
  • $35 Reservation fee.

National holidays on which no classes will be given in 2016:

Please note: these missed classes will not be rescheduled or refunded.

New Years day (1st of January), Carnaval (8th and 9th of February), Good Friday (25th of March), Battle of Pinchincha (24th of May), Independence day (10th of August), All souls (2nd of November), Independence day of Cuenca (3rd of November), Christmas day (25th of December).

Learn Spanish in Ecuador

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