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Two locations: Puerto Viejo and Turrialba

Encounter beautiful nature when you learn Spanish in Costa Rica: Brightly colored poisonous frogIf you want to learn Spanish in Costa Rica, we offer you two great locations. You can learn Spanish in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca at the Caribbean coast and in Turrialba, a mountain village in the country´s interior.

In addition, you can also study Spanish in more than one place:  A four week Travelling Classroom.  With a travelling classroom you learn Spanish in Costa Rica and Panama in combination with travelling and activities. In Panama the Spanish courses are in Panama City, Boquete and Bocas del Toro. From this beautiful Caribbean island you will travel to your final destination: Turrialba in Costa Rica.

You will receive Spanish classes everywhere, all transfers and accommodation are included. Furthermore there are also lots of special excursions added to this tour. For example a three day visit to the San Blas islands in Panama. In Costa Rica you will take a two day rafting excursion and camp at the Pacuare river. An adventurous trip that combines learning Spanish in Costa Rica and Panama with travelling! Click here for more information about the Travelling Classroom Panama and Costa Rica.

Learn Spanish at our school in Puerto Viejo

The school in Puerto Viejo is located in the center of the village and close to the beach. The excellent Spanish classes, the school with its tropical garden and the location make this a very special destination. While you learn Spanish Puerto Viejo Costa Rica the sun, sea and beach will give you that special holiday feeling.

The school

When you learn Spanish in Costa Rica you will be close to the sea but also very close Learn Spanish in Costa Rica at the school in Puerto Viejoto the jungle. The tropical garden of the school has fruit trees and a thatched roof rancho with hammocks: ideal to study or relax after the lessons. You can take a group course or a private course, the group course of 20 classes a week is part of the standard package.  If at the time of your stay there is no group available with your level of Spanish, you will receive the same value in private classes. There is a coffee break of 15 minutes. One class or lesson equals 55 minutes. You can also choose to learn medical Spanish. Useful for those who want to do an internship in a hospital in Latin America.


The accommodation is at the school residence

You can choose between the following types of accommodation at the school: a room you share with one or more students (dormitory), or a single or double private room. Standard is the dorm you share with a maximum of 5 other students. If you travel with a friend, you can book a private room which will cost $3 per person per night more than a bed in the dorm. The single room surcharge is $65 per week. Typically, the students eat and cook dinner together, or they go out to eat in one of the many nice restaurants in Puerto Viejo.

Host family

We can offer a nice host family only 5 minutes walking distance from the school. You can choose between breakfast only or breakfast and dinner. You will have your own room but you will share the kitchen and bathroom. The surcharge for this guest family option is $100 a week with breakfast and $140 per week with breakfast and dinner.


Free activities

This school offers one free activity each weekday. The activities include: salsa dance lessons, watching a movie in Spanish (yes with English subtitles), yoga class, a BBQ on Friday night, beachfit, how to make your own fresh fruit cocktail or a Costa Rican cooking workshop. Doing things together is the best way to get to know your fellow students!

Surf lessons

In Puerto Viejo you can rent surfboards and book surfing lessons at several shops along the beach. Prices vary so have a look around before confirming your classes with someone. If you stay for a longer period, you can buy a surf board and sell it again when you leave. This will be a lot cheaper than renting. Have a look at facebook group ‘Puerto Viejo buy and sell. Or you can bring your own surf board. Puerto Viejo is a village where a lot of young people come to surf. Salsa Brava is a famous surf spot in the village where only advances surfers dare to go! Look here at a surfer near Salsa Brava. ‘. Please note: in September and October the waves are not high enough for the more experienced surfer. For the beginner there are nice surf beaches with beach breaks all year round.


The school rents bicycles for $5 a day. Cycling to ManzanilloOn the weekend you can cycle to the most beautiful beaches near Puerto Viejo. On the way there you will most likely see monkeys and sloths. If you stay for a couple of weeks the most economical option is buying a second hand bike and selling it again when you leave. Learn Spanish in Costa Rica and enjoy yourself at the same time!

Volunteer work

There are several volunteer options in Puerto Viejo. Look here for extensive information about how to learn Spanish in Costa Rica in combination with volunteer work.

Transport from the airport to the Spanish School

There are several options:

San José package

The school offers a so called San José package. It includes a transfer from the airport in San José to a nice hotel in the centre of San José where you stay  in a dorm (shared room). The next day a taxi will take you to the bus station where you will buy your own ticket for the fare to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca ($12). The bus leaves at 10 am. We work with Hostel Casa del Parque. The San José package with transfers and accommodation in a shared room at the hotel costs $80.


This is a shuttle service for tourist. The buses leave twice a day, at 7.15 am and 3 pm, from the airport of San José to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. The ticket costs $70. You can book the ticket via the Interbus website. Because most flights from Europe land at night in San José, it is likely the Interbus schedule does not connect with your arrival time.

Public transportation, for adventurous people only!

Of course there is also the option of taking public transportation: When you arrive during the day you can take a regular public bus from the airport. The airport is located just outside San José near Alajuela. You have to take a bus to the center of San José. Here you take a taxi that will take you to another bus station to take the bus to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. This way the rides takes a total of about 5 hours plus waiting time. We would not recommend taking a regular bus in the evening or at night because of the change between bus stations in San José. The total costs of this transportation will probably be about $30 (two buses and one taxi ride).

These animals you will regularly see in or just outside of Puerto Viejo:

A sloth on the road in the village of Puerto Viejo Chesnut Mandible tucans Two toed sloth in Puerto ViejoWhite faced monkeys investigate a nut





Learn Spanish at our school in Turrialba

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica here in the garden of the beautifull school in Turrialba The school

The school has an amazing view of the valley and the volcano. In the standard package the school offers four group classes a day from Monday through Friday. You can also take two or four private classes a day. You will receive the same value in private classes, just in case at the time of your stay there is not a group available with your exact level of Spanish. The classes are held on the veranda, with a nice view of the volcano, or as you can see in the picture to the left, in a rancho in the garden. In Turrialba you will learn Spanish in a nice authentic village!


School residence

In the standard package we included accommodation at the school in a shared room. Double or single private rooms are available at a surcharge. The atmosphere in the house is great: students cook together and after the meals they clean up together. But don’t worry eating together is not an obligation, you can choose to eat at a local restaurant in Turrialba. In the evening the students often watch a DVD in Spanish or a movie on TV.

Host family

The students always speak very highly of the host families in Turrialba, you really get to be part of the family. You get two meals a day and get a chance to practice you Spanish. With host family stay you get a real Spanish immersion experience. A host family stay costs an extra $80 a week. For three meals a day you pay an extra $100 a week.

Free activities

Some example of activities: salsa dance lessons, watching a movie in Spanish (yes with English subtitles), yoga class, a BBQ on Friday night, beach fit, how to make your own fresh fruit cocktail or a Costa Rican cooking workshop.

Volunteer in Turrialba

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica in combination with volunteering. There are many opportunities in Turrialba. Click here for more information volunteer programs in Costa Rica. Furthermore in Turrialba you have the possibility to work and learn Spanish at the same time.

How to get there

We can arrange a transfer (private taxi) from the airport in San José to Turrialba: this transfer costs a total $100 for one person.

Public transport

Of course there is always the possibility to take public transportation: When you arrive at the airport during the day you can take a regular public bus. The airport is located just outside San José near Alajuela. The bus drives to Turrialba via the center of San José. This way the journey takes about three hours. We do not recommend taking the local bus during the evening or at night, because of the change of bus in San José.

Included when you Learn Spanish in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica or Turrialba Costa Rica:

  • Four classes a day for five days a week either in a private course of group course.
  • Lessons materials and classes suited to your level of Spanish.
  • You can stay at the school or with a local host family either in a private room or shared room.
  • Accommodation from the Saturday before the classes until the Saturday after the classes.
  • Placement test on the Sunday before the classes (verbal or written) in case you are not a beginner.
  • Free Internet and use of the library at the school.
  • Coffee and tea during the breaks.
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Detailed (travel) information before you leave and local guidance once you are there.
  • Optional: Airport transfer from San José direct to the school in Turrialba ($100).



Note: There are no classes on the following national holidays: April 5th  and 6th , April 11th , May 1st , July 25th , August 15th , September 15th , December 25th and January 1st . Missed classes because of a national holiday will not be refunded or made up.

Immigration Costa Rica Take a look at our country page about Costa Rica for immigration information. Before you decide to learn Spanish in Costa Rica it is important to find out about how long you can stay in Costa Rica and information about an onward ticket.

Go to our overview price list for the price of courses of 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks with accommodation.

Spanish Course in Puerto Viejo or Turrialba

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