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Learn Spanish in Latin America with Spanish Language Travels

Spanish Language Travels works with 8 countries is Latin Amerika wgere you can study spanish. The countries are: Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Peru. What makes you tick? Study near a beach, in a beautiful colonial town or in the jungle? With us you can learn Spanish and choose between 18 different schools or combine different locations! Because you study Spanish in a Spanish speaking country you will be amazed at the progress you can make in a short time, not the mention the fun you will have meeting students from all over the world.

Your Spanish course with Spanish Language Travels also includes accommodation. We offer different options like staying at the school’s residence or with a host family. A home stay is the best way to immerse yourself in a new culture and practice the Spanish language.

After your Spanish course, we can also offer volunteer work. The volunteer work is often free of charge, you only pay for your meals and accommodation.


learn spanish in latin america

A different way of learning Spanish

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Costa Rica, have a look!

Our best deals:

Travelling Classroom Panama and Costa Rica

4 week Spanish course (72 hours), accommodation, breakfast, all transportation, excursions and activities.
Some activities are a visit to San Blas, zip-lining, sail on a catamaran, and a rafting and camping trip near a jungle river.

A short video to get an impression about the Travelling Classroom Panama / Costa Rica:


Spanish & Adventure

Spanish and Adventure in Guatemala and Utila: a Spanish course of 3 weeks in Antigua Guatemala followed by one week of diving in Utila Honduras (get your PADI or 10 dives). Includes flight from Guatemala to Honduras, accommodation and almost all meals!


Learn Spanish with Spanish Language Travels, sun and beach in Utila


Click here to learn more about our Spanish and Adventure tours and see all the countries where we offer them.

Guatemala and Utila from $1830


New schools:

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

4 weeks group Spanish course and accommodation at the beach. $900.

Let’s Go! San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Buenos Aires, Argentina

4 weeks group course and accommodation in student flat you share with university students from all over Latin America. The best way to practice you Spanish and get to know the city! $1550.

Spanish Languge Travels, afternoon activity in a park in Buenos Aires

Let’s Go! Buenos Aires, Argentina


Learn Spanish in Latin America

Learn Spanish in Latin America at schools in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador or Peru. You can stay at a school residence and live among an international group of students. You can also stay with a host family for a real Spanish immersion experience. Get a unique insight in the local culture and practice your Spanish at the same time. It’s all possible.

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Free volunteer programs

It is really not necessary to pay for your volunteer work. There are lots of free volunteer opportunities in combination with a Spanish course in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador and Peru. Ideal for a gap year! Starting at $80 a week you can stay with a local family and get 3 meals a day. A great way to contribute, be useful and practice your Spanish.

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Tours with or without Spanish classes

Traveling with Spanish classes we call Traveling Classrooms. This way you visit the highlights of the country while you learn Spanish in Latin America. Excursions like hang gliding, river rafting and for example a visit to the San Blas islands are included! We also offer tours without Spanish. Like a tour in the jungle of Peru with a guide, where you stay at amazing jungle lodges surrounded by beautiful nature.

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Why book with Spanish Language Travels?

Learn more about Spanish Language Travels and the way we work.

I have already been in Antigua for a week and a half now and I like it a lot! There are a lot of foreigners in Antigua, but a lot of fun. The school is beautiful and there is lots of personal attention for everybody. In short, I am very happy.
J. Bossers,
I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. Ins is such a great woman and I think that it is because of her that the atmosphere at the school is so great. Turrialba and surroundings are also lovely, not very touristy, and the day trips to CATIE and the finca organica were very enjoyable.
A. te Morsche, SLT student
I have had a lovely week in Puerto Viejo for which I wanted to thank you! Lovely location, great teachers, and everything arranged nicely, I will definitely recommend the school to all people who want to learn Spanish in Costa Rica! Saludos, Marjanne
Marjanne, SLT student



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